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The Upsilon Sigma Sigma monthly collab will work like this: We will have a rolling queue for which top 50 most requested article we choose to work on each month, much in the same manner that IC has. Each member of the frat may nominate one article from that list per month towards the queue. The article that has the most votes at the beginning of each month will become that month's collaboration. After being worked on for about three weeks, the article will be submitted to pee review. Once it is reviewed, one person will be assigned to go through and implement suggestions from the review and give the article a consistent tone. Another person will then go through and make final edits. the last three days of the month we will all vote either for or against moving the article to mainspace, simple majority vote wins. If it fails we will work on the article for a few more days, if it is moved to mainspace, the three fraternity officers (currently just Template:U at the moment) will determine the principal authors.

General Rules:

  • Only members of the frat can edit the collaboration article. Add whatever you wish to the article as long as it is somewhat intelligently funny and satirical, but mostly just funny.
  • The person who nominated the monthly collab that's selected will take an informal lead on the project. This person can delegate that responsibility if they wish.
  • Anything added to the collaboration should not be seriously altered or deleted. If you feel something needs to be taken out or changed a lot, take it to the talk page of the month's collaboration. This isn't to say you shouldn't fix stuff or change wording, just be respectful of the contributions of others.
  • Members can call dibs on a single section of the article for writing, but only one section at a time.
  • once a general tone develops for the article, try and stick with it.
  • once the article is finished, members should refrain from nominating it for awards or for featuring for at least a month. Non-members are welcome to nominate our collaborations at any time.
  • Other than that, be creative, have fun!

This Month's Collaboration[edit]

OK, so Roger Ebert was already taken in a surprise move, so this month we are going to do chicken! Have a look at the talk page on the collab for brainstorming and then edit away bros!

:UPDATE: Ok, so we're going to keep Chicken open for a few more days (I'll finish up my sections later today or possibly tomorrow) and we'll begin voting on moving to main-space within a few days. Good job with this month guys! - SF13 2 Jun2, 2010


And our current project is: