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3 January 2010
Use this template at the top of pages that contain a bunch of pimpness.
--Sir Skinfan13 Talk {< CUN RotM FBotM VFH ΥΣΣ Maj. SK >} 31 March 2010
My first signature.
-- Skinfan13 31 March 2010
My simple signature.
Jefferson.PNG This user is a Jeffersonian libertarian, so he prefers chicks that masturbate while thinking of the Constitution.
8 January 2010
This userbox is for libertarian conservatives to use on their userpage.
Vmispider.PNG This user is a VMI Cadet!
9 February 2010
This userbox is for VMI cadets to use on their userpage.
Pimpalicious! This user is a Disciple of Ducreux.

This user is too pimpalicious for your Internet.

8 January 2010
This userbox is for those who swear by the way of Ducreux.
{{User Ducreux}}
Vmiflag.PNG ¡Hola! This valiant VMI cadet is here
to guard this article while
it is reviewed by:


If he hasn't reviewed it
within 24 hours since
{{{1}}}, remove this
tag and shout at him.

14 February 2010
This is my pee review tag.
The Chamberpot of Excellence
For your helpful review, you have been given the
Skinfan13 Rusty Bucket Award
12 February 2010
This is my pee review reward.
{{Sf13 rusty bucket award}}
I am your God I see you voted for my new iPad

Many thanks.
12 February 2010
This is my VFH reward for iPad.