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This article hates America, just like everyone else does. See more about Unamerica.

Consequently, this article lacks much or any redeeming intellectual value. However, even though no one smarter than a doorknob has contributed significantly to this article, it still contains more truth than you may be able to handle.

Las Republica de Mexicanos!!!
El Paise que ase la Manila Massacre
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico86.JPG
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "AUG!AUG!AUG!"
Anthem: Screw Tio Luis
Capital Los Angeles
Largest city Mexico City
Official language(s) Espanol, Mexican, English, Gibberish, Americanise
President Mister Grinch
‑ Prime Minister Tony Montana
‑ Governor General Godzilla
National Hero(es) Espranza Rising, Diego Maradona, Juan the Oil Guy, Cable the Larry Guy
 of Independence
Bajillons of Years ago
Currency Peso, Cocao Beans
Religion Roman Catholic
Major exports Soccer, Tacos, Donas, and other crap
Major imports Possibly everything else