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Uncyclopedia Moters logo

Uncyclopedia Motors are cars made from Uncyclopedia and are probably the best cars in the world. Founded by Oscar Wilde

List of Cars[edit]

  • Uncyclopedia Communist
  • Uncyclopedia 1321 Sedan
  • A Tank for gods sake!
  • Anti-Wikipedia Car
  • Hitler Mobile
  • El Camino
  • Corvette
  • Chevrolet Titan
  • BMV


The Uncyclopedia Communist, to the left, in action

Uncyclopedia Motors started out in Wikiland. Its competior, Wikipedia Cars had more and cooler cars. But Uncyclopedia Motors decided to Nuke the Local Wikipedia Moters store and was one of the popular delears in Wikiland. But were sued due to there top selling car, the Uncyclopedia Communist, many people died when the car crashed there crappy car, most of them were Wikipedia cars.They would be sued by Jimbo Wales but they would sue Jimbo Wales back for there "Safe Wikipedia Cars".Witch would usally explode into little pieces, while the dead person would go straitley to the Morgue.

Uncyclopedia Motors World Wide[edit]

Uncyclopedia Motors World Wide

Uncylopedia Motors serves in many countries.There all over europe.Exepet Malta.There are no Uncyclopedia Moters in Asia or Africa.Due to political reasons and Africa is just desert.Though its very huge in Ireland and Wikiland.

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