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Stevo Thomas Cristoff the Human (November 2, 1990 - I AIN'T DEAD YET, BITCHES!) is a famous Internet user with an alias that too many people think is his real name. Because there are so few people on the Internet that aren't complete dumbasses, he decided to coin a second alias known as Stevo's Stuff. He still uses both pen names for the hell of it.

Birth and Family[edit]

Stevo was born in St. Louis, Missouri to mother Theresa Wang the Human and father John Paul the Human. He came out fo teh womb with a rainbow-colored afro, but several hours after birth, it shed clean off. Stevo then grew a boring hairstyle and color after that.

Autism11.png This user is an aspie and thus a member of The Master Race; bow before his/her intellectual might, puny Neurotypicals! (or alternatively punch the user in the face and take his or her lunch money)

Stevo the Human is currently so much of a n00b, that he is begging people to edit his first article (Lent) to make it acually funny funnier.

I also intend to write the article on immaturity, but I'm gonna need some help, 'casue I tend to suffer from writer's block. You can figure out the style of writing I want this.