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Bugatti Veyron (article only partially done)[edit]

The Bugatti Veyron is the most lethal killing machine ever created. It was conceptualized by Einstein, who wanted to create a machine that could allow humans to break the sound barrier on land. Einstein never completed the project as he died in the last stages of his infamous Lamborghini endeavour.


The heart of the fire-breathing monster

After he died, Hitler took upon himself the hurculean task of completing the project. However, Hitler screwed around with the plans and added enourmous amounts of Chemical X as well as a teddy bear into the formula. Also, he ignored the original plan to put a single engine sucked out from a Pinto and fused the engines of two Ford Mundanes together by dipping both Fords simultaneously in boiling pee. As if that wasn't enough, Hitler added four steroid boxes to the monster engine so that it would get high and produce even more horsepower.

Hunting Habits[edit]

All this, especially the Chemical X, made the Veyron extremly volatile when angry. Its horsepower would double from 500.5 to 1001. Its muscles would bulge out of its chassis. And its spoiler would come up and act as a scanner to help it locate its prey.

A Veyron uses various methods of hunting, not just the usual supercar method of simply driving over its victim. It can

  • drive straight into its victim, slicing it into pieces on contact with its grille. This methoed allows for fast collection of prey, but is not a thorough as the other methods.
  • get underneath its victim and suck it into one of its two air vents, or slice it in two with its razor sharp spoiler
  • open its door and behead its victim when close enough

Article to be continued...