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Sword-fighter.jpg Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.


12-5-06 Joined the LEAGUE OF BENSON today. Death to our foes and stuff like that.

10-4-06 Made my first UnNews article: UnNews:Nothing happens, world in chaos. Read it, and maybe feature it. Or if you think it's really really bad, fix it. UPDATE: Severian made it into an mp3! KTHX Sev.

9-19-06 Haharrr! Oi made me a template on Talk Like a Pirate Day! Bend ya backs, ye scurvy dogs! And put it wherever you think 'twould be appropriate (like yer page)!

3-27-06 My first full article that actually has a chance at not being VFQD'd! Bay of Pigs (video game) will be up today!

2-10-06 Will disappear to watch the Olympics. Be back in a couple weeks.

1-13-06 Returned from a one day vacat... Oh, for crying out loud. I got blocked for editing a UN:* page. My apologies to Keitei and the rest of the Uncyclopedic crew.


Real Name: Jorge Ramerez

Hometown: Florin

Occupation: Adventurer

Age: 37

Martial Status: Sworded


I was born in Florin, the son of a famous blacksmith. As a boy I spent a great deal of time working with my father, and bullying the other children of the area. While I was never very big, I always carried a weapon or six. Or seventeen.
At the age of 14, my father was killed by a six-fingered bastard. Seeing for the first time a strong male role-model, I myself picked up a sword and began killing people. This led to a great career, and I spent many years in the service of kings, priests, and madmen. Mostly madmen.
Now that I'm 37, I've started to slow-down my killing spree and spend a little more time enjoying the finer parts of life. Like stichery, gardening, and poetry. I still skewer the occasional spleen, but for the most part, I consider myself retired.

Future Plans:

With a great deal of swordplay behind me, I am now starting my second career. A stay-at-home-mother for the last six months, my work skills are sadly out-of-date. I've been working on my typing skills, and am applying for a position as secretary for a posh armory. I feel that my sword skills combined with my accounting and filing skills should land me my new dream job.


I like killing things, sharpening my swords, adventuring, and posting on Uncyclopedia.


The Man in Black was dreamy, as were the Men in Black. I guess I have a thing for black. Or men. Or Wo-men.


If you are on this list, then Divine Sophia has obviously blessed you.
(currently under construction)


If you are on this list, may Wilde have mercy and smite you painlessly.
(under construction)

Other things you should know about me:

I have 15 swords, 9 daggers, and three dirks. I am searching for a red lightsaber.
My middle name is Montoya.
I drive a '94 Chevy Impalla. But I'd rather ride a horse and cut down enemies. The company doesn't have a good place to park a horse, though.
I love Star Wars. (beause of the swords, duh!)
I am a Cancer.
Swordmaster = Rewards most.


Articles Written or ReWritten: 7
Word association -don't know what I was thinking, got deleted
Bay of Pigs (video game)
Napoleonic Wars (video game)- never finished, huffed
Narcolepsy - huffed
UnNews:Nothing happens, world in chaos.
F-Zero - currently under construction!
Articles Killed (Quick Delete): 10
During FFW: 2
Page Moves: 1
Calorington to Calorington (town)
Editing Bans: 1 (Jan 12 2006)
IRC Bans: 1 (Apr 13 2006, lasted until Apr 20 2006)

Contact me: Leave a message on my Talk Page

(Thank you Famine for the page. However, I felt I could do some additions. You can too! Please try to ruin this page!)