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THIS JUST IN! SysRq has a Twitter! Sign up now for up-to-the-microsecond reports on his bathroom tendencies!

“My opinion of him can never match his own.”

Aye, time to write myself another self-serving, asshole style bio. VANDALISM!!!

So, my name is Alex. People seem to like to call me SysRq, though, seeing as how that's the username I registered here. Template:U also like to call me Sissie, SisReck (only on IRC, though), and Faggator, Bane of Sis-Wreckia. Whatever you end up calling me, just don't call me late for dinner.[1] I first arrived at this god-forsaken site in late 2007 with the name "Template:U." I don't think anybody cares about that fact anymore, though; I did nothing noteworthy as Gustav. I barely do noteworthy things now, though, so I guess it's all the same.

Around here, I like to write,[2] pee, fix things up,[3] talk to my friends[4], vote,[5] and welcome new users. If you're a noob, and whether I've welcomed you or not, I'm more than happy to help with any issues you may be having. Just leave me a message on my talk page.


  1. This is the extent of SysRq's humor. How he ever gets a bloody feature is nothing short of immaculate.
  2. ...unfunny things.
  3. More like, breaking shit and then spending the rest of the day fixing what I did and apologizing to all parties involved.
  4. You have friends? Don't you mean people who vandalise your userpage? Template:U.
  5. I may not necessarily vote for your article, in fact I've probably made a point not to if I haven't already so don't whore me.