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I am a big fan of collabs. If you have a new idea and want to collab with me it doesn't matter if you have been here since the dawn of time or have made an account today. I will be happy to help. Also, if you see an article of mine, one that I am working on, or one in my idea dump and you want to help out, I will be more than happy to accept. Just ask on my talk page.

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Tagstit's To Do List

For the month of May! Feel free to add things for Tagstit to do here!

  1. Finish A
  2. Finish High School Musical
  3. Finish Planet Earth
  4. Review it up. At least five this month.
  5. Keep up with Imperial Colonization! *Wikipedia*

Articles of mine

Cardboard Box (Rewrite) *Featured!* February 23, 2009

Scary Movie *Featured!* January 21, 2009

Car Salesman (Going to Fix-up)

Why?:Be Emo? (Going to Fix-up)

HowTo:Fix the Economy (with Snake7) *Featured!* February 15, 2009

Balloon Animals *Featured!* June 15, 2009

UnBooks:Diary of a Monkey Lover

My Girl's Best Friend (Going to Fix-up)

Oscar the Grouch (Rewrite) *Featured* June 1, 2009 *Top 3!* of May (even though it was featured June)

American Idol (Rewrite)

Potato Sack Racing NEW! with Staircase

Why?:Get the iPhone NEW!

Tagstit's Column

Unnews:Researchers discover that the song, "All You Need is Love" may in fact be false. (Going to Fix-up)

Unnews:Sexter abused, possibly raped (Going to Fix-up)

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