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The term Furries is that used to describe the escaped experiments of the Furcadia Research Facility. They are generally identified by having fur, tails, ears, noses, scales, abnormally large genitalia, and a smell of basement and semen. They can also be identified by their characteristic behaviour of having incessant and increasingly weird sex, known as "yiffing", and hurting each other's inflated egos. Although most, if not all, an exterior observer sees about these "furries" is this smorgasbord of yiff and drama, one will occasionally find a furry who escapes these insipid precepts. But come on, what are the odds of that?

A clip from a recovered Furcadia surveillance tape.


It was scenes such as this...

Creation & Spread[edit]

...and this...

In 1977, the Furcadia Research Facility, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, began research into genetic cross-breeding. From the hazy details recovered from the abandoned facility in Austin, Texas, we can only discern very little about the events before the accident that led to the facility's closure. We merely know that things went on in there that would disturb even the most steadfast minds, and that from about 1985 onwards, the facility began to run out of physical space to accomodate all the experiments, which multiplied faster than they could be catalogued, and before long, the facility exploded, sending flying dismembered furry parts in all directions in a manner that Second Life griefers would be proud of. The few survivors began to gather in the basement of a nearby convention centre where a sci-fi convention was being held. The building eventually became infested and the town was abandoned, and became the furries' centre of operations for world domination.

...and this that have lead to furries spreading all over the world.

From there, the furries have established hives across the land, and are currently infecting your childrens minds with Disney movies and unwholesome, Commie-pinko ideals.


In the 1990's, furries were a common sight in the wilderness of America's convention centers. You couldn't take a step without landing on some furry's tail. The abundance of impressionable young minds to prey on and their high reproductive rate meant that by 1999, 75% of White, 16-25 year old, middle class, unemployed males with skin problems, poor eyesight, an asthmatic condition and living in the basement of their mother's house were furry sympathisers. With such an influential demographic group on their side, furries were on a fast-track to being the dominant lifeform on Earth. Not content with that, furries have also been keenly aware of digital opportunities available to them, and since 2001 have had a greater cyperspace population than meatspace.


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