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    my anti-BENSON.
Onglue.gif <insert name here>
a chromosome who rewarded Garfield with no-frills operating systems

“In Soviet Russia, Cows are YOU!!!”

~ Soviet Russian guy on cows
This is a self portrait of me. No, really. I look like this in real life

DrapeauCanada.png.png This user is Canadian
...and is very opinionated
about snow tires, curling,
and the CBC!!!
... This user would be a professional procrastinator, but he or she can't be bothered.
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This user was born in Canada, In Winnipeg. He was unusual, as he didn't have antlers on his head. As a matter of fact, every single Canadian is unusual because they don't have any antlers on their head. Even though he likes cows, he is not a vegan. Everybody needs protien. He likes to talk about himself in the third person on his userpage on Uncyclopedia. His real name is Werjah Blomie.

Thingy Award[edit]

I do not give out the thingy Award. It used to be the cow award, but I abandoned it. When you don't recieve an award, it won't look like this:

Selfportrait.jpg Thingy Award
I hereby bestoweth on thee, the Thingy Award
with a level of awesome/exellent/great/okay/meh
Just because I felt like it.

people who have this award[edit]

Hee Hee[edit]

I love this bouncy wikipedia thing!!! Bouncywikilogo.gif

The Best Story in the World[edit]

One day, I was huffing CDs and minding my own buisness, when Garfield jumped out from behind a CD and rewarded me. This annoyed me, so I summoned an army of 4,955 well-to-do operating systems. Their battle cry rang out: "HATE HATE HAT!!!". However, a chromosome fell from the sky and rewarded my foe into another dimension. I thought that was really well-to-do. Just then, <insert name here> feels. Upon seeing me, he screamed: "There he is! That's the well-to-do CD who rewarded my CD! zap him my pet!!!". Suddenly I saw a Yue approaching me. All of a sudden, my toe started flying towards his toe. He vapourized, and I screamed my victory yell: "HATE HATE HAT!!!" Then, I settled down huffing well-to-do CDs. Then Garfield became a professional athlete, and we all died. The End.

Go zap yourself

down with 1337!!![edit]

1 707411-/ 5|_|[]D[]P0|27 7|-|15 57|_|ff!!!1!

Down with 1337.gif

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oh dear, poor keyboard. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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