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This place looks like fun... I might help around by cleaning things up a bit. I don't think I have the guts to try and start something new.

Useful Stuff[edit]

To place a thumb image on a different coloured background:

  • <div style="float:right">[[Image: |thumb|none|100px| ]]</div>

The important part being |thumb|none| and the div float to position it left|right|center.

Things I've cleaned up a bit[edit]

I go trawling through the rewrites and see what I can do.

Things I've actually started[edit]

Terms of endearment[edit]

  • Sheepy
  • Sheepster
  • Sheep-aiit
  • Uber-Mega Lord Over All

Visual aids[edit]

This is what 30 minutes in Paint Shop can get you...

The corn tortilla slopes of Riga
What could be better than women with cheese?
Example of a shiny ass. Oh, on the hamster, the hamster!

Awards and things[edit]

None at the moment.

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