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These are my articles that I wrote. They are good. Read them.

It is wise to equip these before reading any of my articles. Trust me.

Reel arbicles[edit]

Youth (bad)[edit]

  1. Disney Magic
  2. Hyper Bole
  3. HowTo:Eat a Reese's (somewhat abandoned)


  1. Ekrpat (Failed not-so-miserably on VFH! Consider for a re-nomination! Seriously!)
  2. Tiny penis syndrome (rewrite)
  3. That time I nearly maed a yuky doody during my sojourn in Canada (Failed amazingly miserably on VFH! Thanks a lot Hinoa!) (Sort of indirectly featured, now! That's okay with me!)
  5. Enough for everybody (Never finished, someone could pick this up if they want to)

Weeks before and after PLS (here be good stuff)[edit]

  1. Sergei Rachmaninoff (Featured! Take that, RAHB from the first time it was nominated!)(Top 10 of 2007!!!!)
  2. Why?:I'm hot (Failed somewhat miserably on VFH! Oh well, it's still funny!)
  3. Pillow fighting (rewrite + collab with Dr. Skullthumper) (Featured! Take that, er, Nobody!)
  4. HowTo:Play Russian Roulette (Featured! Take that, Dexter111344!)
  5. How much can YOU take!! (Featured! Take that, PLS judges who thought it wasn't really that good!)
  6. Flute Hero

Steady decline into obscurity[edit]

Gorbachev bear reminds you to focus on building a wall.
  1. Encyclopedia Dramatica (Encyclopedia)
  2. Stratego
  3. Yellow Snow
  4. Uncyclopedia Department of Tourism (Featured! Take that The Thinker!)
  5. Flowers
  6. The Bureaucrats (Joke)

Second PLS and return to fame and glory[edit]

  1. Titshugger Penishead McFucknutter (Featured! Take that, those two people who voted Against!)
  2. Taft Punk (Featured! Take that, Hyperbole, sorta!)
  3. UnBooks:Evelyn, the Modified Dog (Featured! Take that, oh I don't even care anymore)
  4. Selective Inbreeding (Featured! Take that, PLS judges who thought it was somewhat good!)
  5. Star Wars Kid
  6. Vidja Game

Third PLS and period of steady decadence[edit]

  1. Drugs (Featured! Take that, no one!)
  2. Regent University (Featured! Take that, somebody whose name I can't be bothered to remember!)
  3. Why?:So Serious? (collab with TheLedBalloon) (Featured! Take that, DrStrange!)

Timeline Rebuild and other 2009 New-Age Projects[edit]

  1. Crescendo (Featured! Take that, one person without a reason and three people who are really bad at reading!)
  2. 1989 (timeline)
  3. 18th Century (timeline)

Slightly reel arbicles[edit]

  1. HowTo:Save an awful article from deletion
  2. UnPoetia:The poem that goes like this
  3. Codeine is a fat cunt (album)
  4. PARTY HARD (Partied harder by Dr. Skullthumper, who linked and coloured it)
  5. Quality (Brilliant concept and political statement by me, execution improved upon by Flammable and some IP)
  6. HowTo:Write a Bad Uncyclopedia Article (Didn't start it, but contributed a lot)
  7. Mike Gravel
  8. Complete list of applications of trigonometry in today's society
  9. Chuggo

Noose arbicles[edit]

My favorite band? Reeducation From Above 1917


  1. UnNews:Leading scientists declare global warming associated with Menopause
  2. UnNews:Scientists Make a Sheep/Human Hybrid, Beastiality Enthusiasts Pleased (Featured! Take that, Rogpyvbc!)
  3. UnNews:French tornadoes devestate US (Formerly Quasi-featured! Thank you, four people who voted! Or was it five?)
  4. UnNews:Estonian Wiki Suffers Extensive Vandalism, Blames Russians
  5. UnNews:Estonians strike back at Russians, ban toll reaches thousands
  6. UnNews:J.P. Morgan CEO goes hunting, world's most expensive bear gets killed
  7. UnNews:Pope visits Brazilian drug "clinic"
  8. UnNews:Nelson Mandela dies at age 88 (Featured! Hah! Take that, EugeneKay, sorta!)
  9. UnNews:Word up! Barack Obama elected president!

For Internal Use[edit]

  1. UnNews:Man actually has a gun in his pocket, three dead
  2. UnNews:Fate thrusted upon man
  3. UnNews:Man sits at home playing Warcraft III, gets all the hot women
  4. UnNews:Man granted immortality speaks out: "Life's a bitch" (PLS)
  5. UnNews:Teen suicide baffles neighborhood and internet sites
  6. UnNews:Guy Gets Crazy
  7. UnNews:Slow News Day angers activists
  8. UnNews:Tragedy Strikes Texas

Scenes from the short-lived Gravel vs Ron Paul alternate history series[edit]

  1. UnNews:The election is finally over! Ron Paul disposes of other candidates in ironic ways, elects self president of America. Keen work, Ron!
  2. UnNews:Treacherous lies and slander from the Ron Paul base! Fear not, America is not yet dead, for a brave new silver knight will come forth in a flourish of Angels to save us from these desperate times! Hark, of course I refer to the one and only Mike Gravel!


  • Polishment, concept, references, conclusion to Al Gore
  • Some parts of Great Britain that I don't entirely remember. Most of the foreign relations parts, I think. The good parts.
  • The Legacy section in John Caldwell Calhoun
  • The "little differences" paragraph and the "preservation" quote in Dead Nigger Storage

Articles that aren't mine but are still probably worth your time[edit]