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  • I've been a sysop since 1990 starting with several Bulletin Board Systems, one of which (Third Stone From The Sun) is still listed on a BBSLIST archive. My favourite BBS softwares were: T.A.G., Telegard, and VirtualBBS for OS/2.
  • I'm a former OS/2 fan and a devout Linux convert, though I do not push it onto anyone. My favorite distro ("brand") is Debian, or any of its derivatives like Kubuntu (which I run on my desktop) or Ubuntu (which I run on my laptop).
  • Despite my technical interests, I'm not employed in IT or anything remotely close. Most of my adult career has been as a social worker, specializing in child and adolescent mental health. But presently I'm a social policy advisor.
  • I've never worked as a waiter or a cashier, but was a radio announcer/disc jockey for over 2 years, a gold refiner who poured gold bars for a mining corporation, and was a professional bass player until 2002 (over my career, my musical genres spanned from reggae to metal). At this point, radio and touring are far behind me, so I've put some of my passion into UnTunes and UnNews Audio pieces.
<Splarka> heh todd, half that stuff sounds totally made up
<tlyons> Yeah, I know.
<tlyons> But there's no point in trying to convince people.  :)
  • I'm somewhat edjumacated with two Bachelor's degrees, and a Master's degree. The last one was responsible for my semi-retirement from Uncyclopedia after 2006. That's now been completed, so if I disappear for long periods of time it's because family and work are consuming me, or I'm just too lazy to punch the clock here.
  • Uncyclopedia is a leisure hobby of mine; let's keep it fun. I'm here to help you to the best of my ability, provided that I have the time to do so, but I have no time or patience for people that just enjoy causing trouble. Follow the 2 simple rules, and we'll get along well.