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The one and only...Trar!

(at least on Uncyclopedia)

“The QVFD is with you!”

~ Mhaille on Trar
Real Name: None of your beeswax.
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Member since: 17:56, 26 December 2006(not sure though)
Weight/Mass: Critical
Occupation: Punching bag
Location: Maine!
Favorite Article: Grueslayer
Least Favorite Uncyclopedia In-joke: Euroipods
Xbox Live Gamertag: Trar
Favorite Game(s): Halo, KoL, UD, and a few others.
Weapon(s) of Choice: Quarter gun and Rocket-Propelled Chainsaw Launcher
Favorite Song: Too many to count.
Status: Semi-alive.

Welcome to my userpage. It's not a really good one, and most of the shit here is old crap that I keep around for posterity. Have a look, and feel free to talk to me here or on IRC. I can be found on #uncyclopedia or ##arena.

I'm sure if you've been around long enough, you probably remember my old userpage. Y'know, the one that took AGES to load? Well i've preserved it here, for posterity. Take a look(if your computer can handle it)!

"Every day, at least one person will be killed. Today a person has died by way of being exterminated." -- Trar

Oh yeah, I also happen to have a collection of Userboxes, located here. Userboxes are my favorite hobby, and you can look at them, but if you touch them, i'll make you more sorry than Leroy Jenkins.