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"I'll log on when I feel like it..."
Commander of the Order

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My Life Story for those who want to hear it[edit]

Hi, this is the userpage of the one and only the better one of the two U.U.

Well, I started back in June of '07 and wrote my first article, Pancake, under a ironic username. Thanks to the irony, I was forced to go undercover after I was banned for ironic vanity and created the most cleverest username, Unknown_user. But little was accomplished until I got adopted by some balloon guy who's into zeppelin and turned my life around, even though he didn't have to do a thing. Soon after, I was writing "decent" articles, and I got my first feature the day after Christmas. So far I am busy with school and work, but will occasionally drop by to throw a few lines down or piss on some articles, or mess around with some custom templates. So...yup, dats my story. Check out my works and non-working works below or send me a message!



Just Kidding!

seriously though

--My rank in UNSOC Sir Unknown User (Talk : Cont : VFH : PEE : CUN)

My Werks[edit]


These are the proverbial "done ones" when it comes to article writing. Ask me if you feel you must rewrite, so that I can be of your assistance
  1. Pancake -My very first article; started (ironically) by my accidental sock, Template:U.
  2. No Vowels -huffed once, hacked up, may be huffed again
  3. Cluck! -Huffed once, hacked up, may be huffed again
  4. HowTo:Write an article for Encyclopedia Dramatica -Surprisingly distasteful!
  5. Anti aircraft gun
  6. Marching band -I didn't start it, but did some major rewrites for it. Greatest sport ever.
  7. Star.gifWhy?:Stick Things in the Electrical Outlet--FEATURED!
  8. Star.gifWhy?:Give Up -Cajek earned this one--SEMI FEATURED!
  9. Why?:Is my house on fire -From Why?:Is My House Mad At Me
  10. Why?:Stick Things in the Microwave -You know where I got this idea...

Work in Progress[edit]

Progress? What's that? This is where probably most of my articles will end up due to my laziness, where good ideas remain unrealized. Just like Iraq, progress is being made here every day. Eh, these will never get done.
  1. Construction.pngHowTo:Study for a Test
  2. Construction.pngHowTo:Leave Uncyclopedia --Theres No Escape...I tried several times...
  3. [[Insert title here]]
  4. [[Insert title here]]

Fix er' uppers[edit]

Remember the times as a kid, you spent whole summers working on that beat up old GTO or Charger you found abandoned in an old barn? This is kind of like that, only its not a GTO or a Charger, but the equivalent of fixing a torched Geo Metro with no engine and a wooden plank for a floor.

  1. Why?:Nobody cares what you think--Nobody cares that this article needs a rewrite
  2. [[Insert title here]]
  3. [[Insert title here]]
  4. [[Insert title here]]
  5. [[Insert title here]]

Conceptual Articles[edit]

This is a list of articles I would like to write, but don't have time to do (or haven't thought of yet) Bold ones are ones that I feel are good ideas. Feel free to work on any of them as long as you ask me

  1. Trystero -W.A.S.T.E.
  2. The Crying of Lot 49
  3. Why?:Wait
  4. Why?:Lick Frozen Poles
  5. HowTo:Set your House on Fire
  6. Why?:God
  7. Why?:God only knows--epic win!!
  8. Why?:Does This Keep Happening To Me--I like this one a lot
  9. Why?:Keep Trying
  10. HowTo:Play the Saxophone--It's not as easy as you think
  11. HowTo:Be Vague
  12. Why?:Sleep with the fishes
  13. HowTo:Be a Psychopath
  14. HowTo:Stop asking dumb questions
I'll add more as I think them up


This is where all the articles that just quite didnt make the cut reside, except they dont get to audition again. Ever.

  1. Battle of the Bulge in my Pants DO NOT READ


I have not nearly enough awards, and my ego is devastated. For the sake of my ego, and for the children, please give me more

Featured Articles[edit]

In the game of Uncyclopedia, one scores points by getting nominations and "features" A.K.A "street cred" . Essentially useless in the real world, features provide a glimpse into how much time one has spent whoring for credibility (See: Awards). Needless, to say, I believe in quality over quantity.


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This user created HowTo:Write an article for Encyclopedia Dramatica, an article originally requested on Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. Good for them us!
(for more information, see award statistics)


Look at all these templates I copied off someone else made...What a wonderful testament to my ability to tweak wiki formatting into working templates...just watch out for my sig though..

My private proving grounds. Keep off!

Sand Pit -go crazy!