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NeoZidane, formerly Ununbilium[edit]

Ununbilium is the 1111th known element, born in a terrorist country and having a terrorist father, I know a thing or two about blowing up imperialist infidel pigs, but to reiterate, I AM AN APATHETIC AGNOSTIC. I knew the meaning of life, but forgot it while on a Monopoly pub crawl (the less said the better). I was created on the 23 of August 2006, so is still a Noob Metal. Be nice to me, otherwise it will either headbutt you or destabalise nuclearly, you don't want that.

Neo Zidane's allies[edit]


This crazy kitty is teh kool, a n00b like me, always prancing around (or flying). And she is Londonerianish, like MOI. Stole expensive selfridge tails a while back for her, only just made away from the bobbies, eep. Most likely to say: /me takes some catnip


Ah my only disciple to learn the ways of teh one, a jolly good fellow from the frozen wastelands of Norway, he is a level 3 Zidanist and I recommend anyone else who would like to join my tutelage to sign up, just post on my talk page or when im IRCing. (dunno where SnowControl's userpage is, if he has one that is) Most likely to say:/me bows to teh one

Invader Zim[edit]

Great overlord of all that is Unnews, master of stories, king of clean up, bow do to him today and get a free sattelite navigated jet monkey!!! He makes mediocre articles into pure gold, a bit like the philosipher's stone, except without the crappy HP stuff. Most Likely to say:[processing]

Premier Tom Mayfair[edit]

A fellow communist comrade in our fight against capitaliast scum, nominated me for a Uncyclopedia:Emmanuel Goldstein Award of Excellence in the Distribution of Misinformation, and is the premier of Soviet Russia, FOR THE UNION. Most likely to say: In soviet russia, <insert reversal here> YOU!!


Duuude, this guy supports Liverpool (w00+). He is also the like most helpful AdminSysOp guy EVER. THX!! :D And he's another jolly good fellow. This userpage was 'borrowed' from his one, so was the signature. (and there was much rejoiceing) Most likely to say: No that's not how you do it n00b, N00B!! (might not be 100% real)


Most evolved sense of humour I have EVER come across, SU93RK007 Ü83r1337 w00t w00t (dusts clothes) Most likely to say: hummm?


Some whacked out music teacher who is geographically only 10 minutes walk away both home and school, does'nt enjoy having shoes thrown at him, but well ever sinceI have heard how Chuck Norris actually thought twice about confronting Codeine's girlfriend I have kept my shoes to myself. Most likely to say: [still processing]


SonicChao, ah, getting banned with SC from Ubuntu-it for speaking English in an Italian only room is a moment I shall always cherish. Apparently he thinks my french accent is fucking hilarious, kudos to him. Most likely to say: [Still processing]


After having a rivalry through the beggining, (ever since I was called an emo for no reason, bless) we have become good friends, nothing like a good friendly headbutt though, really a mirror of me, (ZiD DiZ) and extreeeeemly crahahaaaazy. Most likely to say: /me pulls out his pubes and runs his fingers through them

NeoZidane's Foes (no not hoes)[edit]

As it's short time as an uncyclopedian, Ununbilium has already got mortal enemies, this list will no doubt increase, as Ununbilium wages war with it's nemisises (is that a word?).

Damn, no-one is here...

Did You Know?[edit]

  • ...that I shot the sherriff AND the deputy?
  • ...that I need to go to the loo?
  • ...that I know what you did last summer AND THE ONE BEFORE THAT?
  • ...that #uncyclopedia is a BLUE room in real life, after a decisive rock paper scissors match with D3koy, ask Flyingfeline if you don't believe me. But we agreed it will be a Blue/White room afterwards.
  •'s a room by the way :P
  • ...that my name is NOT Mr Anderson

Bradaphraser: Zidane sees all

Bradaphraser: knows all

Ghelae: is all

Bradaphraser: butts all

Ghelae: does all

Ghelae: alls all

Tom_mayfair: eats all

Ghelae: drinks all

Ghelae: kills all

Bradaphraser: that day, he became Rhino-man

Ghelae: blahs all

Bradaphraser: and nary a man could stop him

Bradaphraser: Captain America could try, but soccer is his weakness

NeoZidane: woah, my reputation precedes me

~ People on Me
Goldstein award.png E G A E D M

The Emmanuel
Goldstein Award

October 2006


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