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“That guy? Oh, he sucks.”

~ Captain Obvious on Walro The Taco King

“Wow, someone's reading my user page? You must be pretty fucking bored.”

~ Walro The Taco King on You

Walro The Taco King is a noob Uncyclopedia contributor. A sad, miserable pervert, who thinks he is funny but clearly really isn't, it's uncertain why he decided to join the site and write articles. Maybe he thought someone actually cared about his poor excuses for a sense of humor?

Articles Written By Walro The Taco King[edit]

Walro The Taco King is a loser otaku. That means the articles he writes are about Japanese shit nobody cares about. The following crap articles were written by him:

Articles Walro The Taco King Might Write In The Furture[edit]

Unfortunately for us all, it seems Walro The Taco King is not done writing garbage articles. He has "Ideas". Luckily, the masturbating to hentai and writing lesbian erotica will probably keep the sick bastard busy enough so as most of these never get written, or get written by people more qualified and talented before he can get his hands on them.

Articles Walro The Taco King Wishes He Wrote[edit]

These articles have nothing to do with Walro The Taco King, thank God. He only wishes he had talent like the people who wrote these do.

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