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    my anti-drug
School 1.jpg On April Fool's Day User:Walter_Humala and its talk page were linked from FEderal Bureau of Investigation, a high-traffic website.
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For those obsessed with the so-called experts, Walter Humala also has a userpage on the English Wikipedia.

hello everybody on da uncyclopedia. I sometimes use this site just to laugh with da bulshit they edit here. You can visit my userpage on da Real wikipedia Walter_Humala

You sucks. Userpage's userpage sucks too.
Ronald Mcdonald in his evil form at a children party.

Great UFO video[edit]

Song by Jimbo Wales!

Images I have made/uploaded[edit]



<poll> Do you answer polls? 1 Always yeah! 2 Frecuently 3 Ehhhhhhh. 4 Sometimes. Lame. 5 Umm... not always I found 'em 6 I will destroy you. 7 NEVER!

</poll> You're a dumbass if you checked 7. haha!

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