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Your fighting causes way too much friggin' damage!



Nothing much to say about myself. I'm thinking. I like Superheroes, but they cause too much damage and I can't afford to clean up after one of their fights.

I like to inspect the cats of Co-Eds. I prefer hairless cats, with attractive owners, but you may present whatever is available for inspection.

And yes, it's true, I am the blackest man alive (thanks to a freak accident in a smokehouse on the edge of a tarpit). Underneath that mess, you may find that I am an actual African-American - nothing to brag about - it's just info for those who think my stories / articles are racist. I prefer to think of them as culturally self-deprecating (see racist).

I'm sure I'll come up with some clever / witty things to put here in the future (maybe not), but as of now, nothing...

Oh... Thanks for having me though...

Oh Yeah, here are my contributions if you care at all...



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UnNews:Barry Gibb Destroys Louvre Pyramid

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UnNews:Housing Crunch Claims Life

UnNews:White House faces foreclosure

UnNews:Report: 'The Man' packs it up

UnNews:Carpenter dominates Pirates in Cardinals win

Uncyclopedia Proper

Some (substantial) rewriting of Crack article...

Some additions to Dead article...



Behold! "I am the man who brought painting to life when it was dead,

Whose hand combined sure accuracy with masterly ease.

Whatever is to be found in nature, may be found in my art.

To no one was it given to paint more or to paint better.

I am WesMan20! - What need was there to say it?

This name of itself will for many years suffice as an epitaph." (Actually, I'm just gonna review your article. Cheers...)


<insert name here> and <insert name here>

--WesMan20 17:11, 22 February 2008 (UTC)Wesley


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