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Author of the Month UnBooks Author of the Month December 2007

My Contributions.[edit]


Potatoheadsmall.GIF Added a not inconsiderable amount to Dictation,which is now featured.

Quasi Featured[edit]

Fries.png Quasi-Featured: Confession (Catholicism)

Fries.png Quasi-Featured: Psycho-Knife My Pygmy

Mediocre Scribblings[edit]

Affordable Monthly Payments

National Health Service

Shabalov Vs Areshchenko



UnNews:Serious NHS Shortcomings Persist

UnNews:Terror Attacks! They’re coming…For you!

UnNews:UK terror threat level downgraded

UnNews:Pope says Church not a string of "nos"

Work in Progress.[edit]

User:Winstanley1/Works In Progress