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    my anti-drug

OMG! Xander looks so like an Emo MySpace kid here! He has, like, the camera reflected in the mirror and everything.

Xanderkellyshow, alias Teh Gitarust! or Greg Teh Banjo, is a very, very, very obscure member of the internet's most reliable and accurate source of information, Uncyclopedia. He name is derived from the fictional talk show hosted by Dennis Miller's character in Dirty Joe, a 1980s pornographic movie. (OMG! A Semi-Fact on Uncyclopedia???? Fuck! The sky is gonna fall!!)

Xander is known for his love of metal and hardcore music, and is an outcast as a result. Consequently, he probably shouldn't have just told the entire Uncyclopedia community that. People are going to open up a can of worms on the discussion page. Shit.


Guitar-22px.jpg Guitarist
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Xander rocks out with his considerably large cock out (not shown here).

Xander's hobbies include, but are not limited to, the following:

What Hath He Created? Probably The Worst Pages At Uncyclopedia, Fo Sho![edit]

Wanna know what he shouldn't have done to Uncyclopedia? Well, here goes.

Shit He's Responsible For[edit]

The dumb asshole is responsible for bringing forth the following few pages that has made Uncyclopedia generally horrible, accidentally intent on tanking Uncyclopedia's authoritarian status:

  • Buickman: Dealing with the now defunct Buick super dealer.
  • Tuscan Whole Milk: Dealing with the best damn milk ever. Don't argue bitch!
  • Wino Crossings: A generally unloved page concerning the Wino Crossings signs found in random locations.
  • Johnnie Walker: Give Mr. Walker some damn love folks!
  • Norma Jean (band): Because he hates those motherfuckers.
  • Toyota Prius: Deals with the single most evil car of all time. Please, stop buying them. It's just a PR Scheme from Toyota. Really.

Shit He Deserves A Lot Of Credit For[edit]

  • The 'Beetus: Used to be a very ugly page. Then he cleaned it up. The original author can deal with it and not write such a shitty article next time.
  • Wilford Brimley: Some made an "almost there" article disgusting. He helped to whip it back into shape.

Special Features[edit]

He has currently made several edits to several pages, those pages most likely written by crack-addicted babies. He is noted for his appearance here and probably nothing else (he is that much of a loser).

Notes About This Author (Okay. They're Actually Userboxes. But Just Keep That Between You And Me)[edit]

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Parts of this page have probably been ripped from other pages. A fucking shame, ain't it? Well, you shouldn't have tempted this user to want to steal shit from your page. God's honest truth. The user at this page does feel some amount of guilt, but, in the end, this is the internet and he really couldn't care less. God's honest truth. So just sit back, relax, and have some respect not to blank his page, but feel free to jack any of the shit you see here. Fair is fair. God's honest truth. Why does he say God's honest truth? Is it because his words are Holy? Fuck nooooo! Are you crazy? He's fuckin' nuts (not nuckin' futs -- "nucking" and "futs" are not words, please use real English, motherfucker, or I'll pop a motherfuckin' cap in your motherfuckin' ass). So sing with him. Sing for the year. Sing for the love. Sing for the tears. Sing with him, if it's just for today. Maybe tomorrow he'll cut it off and take you away. It has been proven that this user listens to Heaven Shall Burn. Don't like them? Then fuck you. You have a horrible taste in music, Emo kid. So go somewhere and listen to that Fall Out Boy CD and slit your scrawny wrists. Bitch tits scare me. They do. Why would a dude want to have tits? It makes no sense. The fun of tits is playing with ones that do not belong to you! Common sense here, people. Does anyone here listen to Tool? I do. Maybe it's because I'm a fucking loser. There is no spoon. This is a fact and probably shouldn't be here at Uncyclopedia. Everything you have seen here and the pages you have read are Copyright 2006 - 2007, Xanderkellyshow Publishing, All Rights Reserved, especially in the "state" of California and Texas (Mexas?). These rights are reserved. But you read that already didn't you? Didn't you? DIDN'T YOU? That's right, bitch. You did. Better respect, motherfucker.

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