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Hello, nice-a to see you here. I'll cut-a straight to da point. The Family is looking for ways to raise-a money, and so were hoping - expecting - that you would help us out! All you have to do is-a sign your name underneath-a. Okay, so I know you're screaming "WHAT THE HELL-a" to yourself right now. This is a-how it works:

Every day you can donate-a one more dollar by signing your name beneath. You can only-a donate one dollar a day. I know-a it sounds crazy, but we need dough-a to buy a new poker table and update our armoury. So if you could-a kindly donate-a a dollar, we would be much obliged. You don't have to be a member to donate-a! It's dulci!

Go ahead, what-a are you waiting for?

Donate Your Hard Earned Cash To A Reputable Family Business Money Raised: $393,078.50

(14:12 09-6-2008)

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Members Only:
Family Business - IMPORTANT for all self-respecting Family members
Family Treasury - Where gangsters can come to horde their money; closely associated with Mafia Fundraising services
Members Only Bar - With poker, gossip, traditional hookers, free drinks and rather unprivate rooms
Russian Members Only Bar - Dedicated bar for the Russian wing of the Uncyclopedia Mafia
Italian Members Only Bar - Dedicated bar for the Italian wing of the Uncyclopedia Mafia
Golf Course - Large, beautiful golf course, a brilliant place to buy golf trophies
Shooting Range - A place to test out all Mafia weapons with live targets
The Rackets Room - A room filled with files on all the Mafia's rackets