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Zeno is me[edit]

I want to be a pirate. Like the guy on the website 'The Best Webpage In The World'. Maddox is his name. Very Big Brother. Xorcet he is too heavy for me, and a sarcastic pessimist. Sometimes he's fun.

I like French War History, Nietzche, Bertrand Russell, Pythagoras, shit music, Human Sacrifice, Machinist, RuneScape, Taxi Driver Logic, Clinjas, The Great Unknown, Zork, Zork2, and other stuff I cannot divulge yet. Such as Skepticism


Fanks for your time, I'm tired, I'll ttype more laterz, nothing leet, just stuff.

I was once a philosopher, then a bible basher, then a mystic, now a Martial Arts Instructor, and a writer.

Peace and harmony,

May the sun shine in your heart.