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This sofa was provided for Under user's convenience.


I usually vote on VFH and I'll vote on your article(s) sooner or later. Whoring will just make me vote against your article(s).


Sorry, but I don't have an interest in joining. If I had an interest in joining, I would've joined a long time ago

THINKER Loves You[edit]

AE. An A; an E. A&E? Are you trying to steal Biography from Peter Graves?! That is PETER'S show man! You leave Peter Graves alone! Or else he'll say "Hi, I'm Peter Graves." It's the only way he knows how to begin sentences.

Anyway, thank you for your vote on the Writer of the Year competition. For: one strong word that means so very much. From the bottom of my festering, boil-laden heart, thanks once more. --THINKER 05:52, 2 February 2008 (UTC)

Frankly my dear...[edit]