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About Wesker[edit]

File:MVC Wesker 713.jpg
Wesker, as seen in the matrix

Albert Wesker is the bad guy from the Resident Evil series. He can never die and is extremely good in bed (from personal experience). He hates when total tards touch his glasses. He is a member of many magazines, such as Zoo, and has appeared in many more. He also appears in many movies and video games. He also is re-enacted by many, such as Alex Mercer in Prototype. Wesker also has 3 sons named Dale, Stefen and Russle and are very sexy boys. Although in Resident evil 5, it may have seemed like he died, he actually faked it. He will return in Resident Evil 6, along with his sons.


Wesker, as seen in the Twlight saga

Chris Redfield and Wesker had a secret love relationship for each other however, Chris and Wesker had problems in their relationship when Wesker injected himself with steroids the experimental T-Virus strain and when the two engaged in rough gay sex, Chris had a really bad anal infection therefore he no longer wanted to be with Wesker. Wesker has hated Chris ever since. Wesker had plenty of opportunities to kill Chris for good throughout the series but he didn't because everytime he would have flashbacks of when him and Chris use to be close together.

Alter Egos[edit]

Wesker is also Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report, Sebastian Valmont from Cruel Intentions, Edward Cullen from the Twlight Saga, and Johnny Bravo from Johnny Bravo. While in Stephen Colbert form, he was asked to play as Albert Wesker in the movie Resident Evil: Afterlife however, Stephen Colbert turned down this offer because if he did accept this offer, the world would know that Albert Wesker and Stephen Colbert were the same people therefore, Wesker is a transformer!

It has been rumored that Wesker is also Osama Bin Laden because they both fake their deaths so many times. More recently, Wesker created another alter ego. This time, Wesker fused with Chris. Wesker + Chris = Chuck Norris Greene.

Cruel Intentions[edit]

Wesker, as seen in cruel intentions thinking about Chris while with her. She is the female version of Chris.

One of Wesker's main alter egos is Sebastian Valmont. This is the first time that he faked his death. He dated Annette Hargrove but it was girls like her that turned him gay. He didn't know how to break it to her that he was gay so he faked his death by getting hit by a taxi. He did this so that he wouldn't have to tell Annette Hargrove that he was gay and this also gave him the opportunity to spend more time with Chris.

The Mansion Incident In Resident Evil 1[edit]

Wesker was mad because Annette Hargrove stole his car and one of his best pairs of sunglasses in Cruel Intentions. This is what made him turn to evil. His ex lover, Chris, was nice enough to get him a pair but unfortunately, it wasn't the pair he wanted. He wanted his old sunglasses back.

Dead Rising 2[edit]

Chris Redfield Fused With Wesker, as seen in Dead Rising 2.

Chris and Wesker decided that they wanted to be together one last time so they used the fusion technique from Dragon Ball Z and turned into Chuck Norris Greene. While in Chuck mode, Wesker couldn't use his matrix powers but he did have the roundhouse kick of Chuck Norris and that is the best power of them all. Also, in Chuck mode, no matter how many times Chuck gets bitten by the zombies, he will never get infected himself and they can do motorcycle stunts. He can also take a knife and boxing gloves and use duct tape to combine them and have a couple more knives magically appear on the boxing gloves out of nowhere. Not only that, but when he vomits, zombie slip in it! Zombie's have been known to use his vomit as a slip n slide.

Chris and Wesker also have a daughter together named Katey.

Dead Rising 2's plot is similar to Resident Evil's plot. An evil company behind the zombie outbreaks but most of all Chris and Wesker are back together!

Dead Rising 2 Case West[edit]

Chris and Wesker get to meet Frank West while still in Chuck mode obviously. Frank has the power to take pictures of those sexy zombies and make zombie porn. Chuck's Duct Taping power + Franks Photography = UNSTOPPABLE.