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Chief did a write up on me! Surprising surprise:

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Another newsletter for my vain vanity closet, aye and bucko, me bucko: Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/3-2-11

One of the nicest things said about me here, from a forum essay by TheKillerFroggy:

  • Non-original videos being funny in context have also become prominent and accepted thanks to Aleister in Chains, who almost never works inside the box and probably doesn't even know what a box is.

My mudda's what???: Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/17-2-11

Hate-filled rant by Lyrithya:


There is a guy. He is a seemingly ordinary guy, raising no interest and no suspicion when folks see him pass pass them by, but that is only appearance, only how he seems. He knows things, the truths of which are darker and sharper than the coldest shadows, the sorts of things that will curdle the blood and end all hope, and when he puts them to words, they... become. But he's just this guy, you know? He's Aleister in Chains. In his words, however, lies strangeness. |}

What is wrong with these people???

The Full Hilary[edit]

0303 hilary duff b.jpg
0303 hilary duff a.jpg

UnDictionary: The Full Hilary, named after American actress and singer Hilary Duff, is achieved by having the same article featured on both the main page and on the Current Events (UnNews) page as well as having the article listed first on the right-hand list of UnNews article on the main page and the UnNews page - although, in addition to this, perfectionists list another requirement of TFH to be that the two pictures on either side of the main page must be mirror images of each other.

The Full Hilary was accomplished on April 7, 2012, when the article UnNews:U.S. Supreme Court allows everyone to go naked was featured. The page had been at the top of all the UnNews listings since March 30.

BBC News coined the term The Full Hilary when they reported on this extraordinary event. "I still have that hat," said Hilary Duff, who was excited to be part of the event. "It was white, but I've since tye-dyed it so it looks kind of psychedelic, with swirls and ribbons of light and stuff. People came up to me on the street today and wanted my autograph, something which hasn't happened in years."