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The Wang™
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animal
Phylum Invertebrate
Class Gigantus
Order Penisae
Family Elongus
Genus Wangus
Species Erectus
Binomial name
Elongus Wangus Erectus Maximus
Primary armament Right
Secondary armament Left
Power supply Can secrete hot liquids long distances
Health 100 (with Viagra 2,217,899)
Mana 0
Strength Uber
Intelligence 0
Weight 1.2 grams ~ 14,298 lbs.
Length 0.125"-190'
Special attack WangSlap!©
Conservation status
Tits or GTFO

The Wang™ (duh waaaanng), also known as Wangman and "The Beast", is the largest structural anomaly on the moon of Vega. Not to be confused with Won Hung Lo or Billy Bob Thornton, The Wang™ is an omniphile, and he's going to squirt on you.


  • Large and penetrating
  • Comes in variety of colors, from red to blue
  • Sometimes wears a hat
  • Usually accompanied by a black box.

Recent Discovery[edit]

The Wang™ was recently discovered in a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Long Dong, China. His large size allowed him to systematically penetrate the brothels of Osaka, Japan, instructing its patrons to "love me long time."

Recently, The Wang™ was spotted in your ass. Do not attempt to escape. This will be over soon.



She knows how to handle it.

Penis 1.jpg

So does she.

Reactions to The Wang™[edit]

Fear, disgust, or nymphomania.

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