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A happy community.


Uncyclopedia Worker's Party(or Unsoc) welcome you, Earl Jenson to Uncyclopedia! Inner Party Members require to to read several links before making adds to BB's article pile:

  1. Read how to be funny and not just stupid so questions to inner party members(aka "admins") about why they delete article of yours are answered before question can be made. Articles made by you count on it, or might go into ICU or VFD
  2. Beginner's Guide is more deep.
  3. The Sandbox lets you test how to make pages easily.
  4. Make a userpage, so that identification of work and you is easier. All good members have userpages.
  5. Make a signature. Link doesn't have the best guide in world so deal with it, or try HowTo:Steal Ghelæ's Sig
  6. See UN:RA, User:Jocke Pirat/Inspire and UN:PIC for help with articles.
  7. More questions? See Forum:Help and ask one.
  8. Join Unsoc for more support. We support the rights of Uncyclopedians, and help you become bourg instead of prole.

Good luck of being author on Uncyclopedia. You will need it.

--~ Tophatsig.png

04:34, 18 July 2007 (UTC)

I have read the links themselves, and I feel I have gone above and beyond in reading the URLs that they link to. If I am to also read the articles at those URLs, I will require a pay increase of a multiplicative nature.--Love, Earl Jenson 02:33, 20 July 2007 (UTC)