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This is, of course, where all hot, sexy, and awesome accomplished users of Uncyclopedia come to wax eloquent about the one-and-only ManEatingBadger! You may also find that those who believe ManEatingBadger is a "fucktard little conspiracy theorist (that little gem came from a really pissed-off YouTube user; never figured out what his problem was, probably just jealosy)" have made their mark here as well; unfortunately, they lacked potty training. Personaly, ManEatingadger does not give a flying fuck one way or another what is said here; he just wishes that it be accurate, complimentary, and filled with badger-friendly content. So, without further ado, please scroll down and witness the written testimony of brilliance to The Great, The Wonderful, His Awesomeness ManEatingBadger!

Best Regards, User:ManEatingBadger/sig

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The Burrow[edit]

Where users may rant in praise of ManEatingBadger

The Mudpit[edit]

Where cowardly scum may hurl mud at ManEatingBadger (it's okay, he likes mud, his great-aunt was a farm pig)

The Miscellaneous Tunnel[edit]

Uncategorized doggerel may go here


I noticed you'd signed my signature book, but you didn't actually have a sig, so I took the, er "liberty" of creating a custom sig for What do you think...if you want to use that instead of the normal, default and very plain sig that you're using at the moment, just reply here and I'll guide you through what you have to do. - [08:05 28 May] User:YesTimeToEdit/sig4
Muchas gracias, YTTE. I'm making good use of it! User:ManEatingBadger/sig


Dude, having looked through a bunch of your articles, can I just ask: have you considered Illogicopedia? This is not a dig, or an insult, or whatever, just a question. Your stuff has elements of random, and as such might fit in better over there, that's all. Also, looking at things, it seems I've nommed a couple of articles you've been working on for deletion today - so I thought I'd mention that this is not a personal thing against you, honest! No hard feelings? --User:Under user/sig2 09:54, Jun 18
thanks for the, um, comment. mind telling me which articles and why? always good to let the person know and give them a chance to fix things if they see fit before you press the "please delete" button. and i checked out illogicopedia or whatever, seemed less streamlined than uncyclopedia, but i'll do some more looking. thanks. ~ Mgr. ManEatingBadger
Why, they'll be the ones I added the VFD tag to! That's the purpose of the tag - to warn people their article is up for deletion and give them a chance to plead its case on VFD. If they're on your watchlist, you should pick them up. There's no requirement to tell people in person their articles are up for deletion, I just figured as I seemed to have picked up on several of yours, I might as well say something in case you thought it was personal! --User:Under user/sig2 08:03, Jun 19
Having seen your comments on VFD, I feel I should add something further. If you want to work on the articles and improve them, you can ask an admin to restore them to your userspace for you to work on at your leisure. Then, when you think they are ready, you can get a pee review - if the reviewer agrees it's good, it can then be moved back to mainspace, and you can enjoy having proved us all wrong. The fact that several people looked through it and agreed it was random, though, should tell you something - the VFD regulars who voted on that aren't "trigger happy" in the main, they take the time to read articles in full before voting, and give articles the benefit of the doubt if they feel they have potential. These felt random - what can I say? Sorry... HTBFANJS explains the kind of humour we're aiming for quite nicely - Illogicopedia, by contrast, prefers the scattergun, anything goes approach those articles (to me) embodied, so they might fit more comfortably over there. Hope this helps you out, and good luck! --User:Under user/sig2 08:34, Jun 19
I appreciate the consideration, and the info, looks like it came too late anyway, i'll have to start over. i guess we made a mistake, associating "content-free" with random". still, though, it really grates on me, and probably User:Doctadoom as well; we put a lot of effort into those pages in the little free time we had, and figured we'd done an okay job with Mountain Goat and Where's Wadlo?. Didn't even have the chance to save the pages, either... User:ManEatingBadger/sig
Deleted pages can be restored - ask an admin to restore it to your userspace, and you'll get it back as you left it, to work on at your leisure - no-one deletes stuff in userspace unless it's really obvious cyberbullying. Same for Doctadoom. Good luck! --User:Under user/sig2 08:03, Jun 20
thanks, again, no hard feelings User:ManEatingBadger/sig


Was moved here so you can rework it. Try using pee review. Thanks. User:Mordillo/sig3 08:46, 20 June 2008 (UTC)
But what about my Mountain Goat page? User:ManEatingBadger/sig


Hello, ManEatingBadger, and welcome to Uncyclopedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. If not, the door's right over there... no, a little more to your left... yeah. Anyway, here are a few good links for people like you:

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User:Orian57/sig 18:04, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

So you do work for your keep! But you only use the boring welcome template...meh...- [21:35 27 May] User:YesTimeToEdit/sig4
I havent made my own one yet. leave me alone. also, Badger, this is my son, Yettie. you to run along and play now. User:Orian57/sig 21:38, 27 May 2008 (UTC)
Yessir! Badger, this way please...we have some work (I think we're all imaginative enough to know what this should link to) to do. Orian, go much out his user page with some nice vandalisation, like "FUCK YOU! U SUCK TEH BALLS! FUCK FUCK FUCK DILDO HOT HORNY FUCK YOU!". - [21:40 27 May] User:YesTimeToEdit/sig4


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