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Please Post Messages Below[edit]

Captain Obvious says, "Please post messages below."


I meant to tell you, it's tradition to despoil somebodies page after they archive! <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 07:22, 1/09/2009

And you deserve this[edit]

GoldenShower.jpg Rejoice, Miley Spears! You have been entitled to the
Golden Shower Award
For donating high quality material to the Pee Review.

Excellent review on POOF - detailed on the points it needed to be detailed, gave a good overall idea on where it can be taken. Good job. You're wrong, of course, because it was a perfect article, but otherwise good job.

The links at the bottom of the page refer to two different places - one which was a really misguided forum on here, and the second was to a blog that this was heavily based upon. There are some... glitches in the grammar of the letter that are transplanted directly from the original. (In fact I found that both of the sources that I used were funny in a very black humour way, which is why this came about the way it did.)

The "How can you help" section is the area that needs the most work. Agreed. Also the "as the kids are calling it" stuff was a later addition to the article. You're right, it doesn't work, and it's being axed.

I hate images going left-right-left because I have a very textual base to my articles. Left justified images... actually, read this review as it's explained in here. I wouldn't normally have that many images, except, of course, for that storyboard idea. But that does need a good lead-in... suggestions?

The final two things are the "obscenititties" and the "illetarite" jokes... Did you notice the MS underline on the first one? Please tell me you saw it but it didn't really register that it didn't belong there. That's the idea I was working toward. The second one was a cheap gag, and it actually got a few positive comments. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but the first time this was up for VFH that seemed to capture the attention of the... less subtle voters.

I like your humour and your way of looking at things. I'd love to have your touch in here as well. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 08:29, 1/09/2009

Thanks for the award! :)
I read what you said in the review, and I see your point about putting pics all on the right. In magazines, the text is usually fully justified, while here it's not. I still prefer them on both sides, but can see it's good to be careful to watch placement. But I do think your putting them all on the right works very well here--it's making it easy for those folk who can't read. The rest is, as always with humor, a matter of opinion. I don't think I said this in the review, but as I'm new here, I'm only reviewing things I like (I saw a longtimer thrash someone's review of their article just because the reviewer was a noob). I may read through half a dozen submissions before I pick one. I don't have an idea for a leadin right now, but will think about it. That first pic would be fine if I and probably others hadn't seen it so many times. :) Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 22:09, September 1, 2009 (UTC)
Where's the longtimer/n00b discussion you're talking about? <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 22:41, 1/09/2009
I wish I could remember. But shortly after I started here I was looking through Pee Reviews to learn how to do them. I saw one where the writer basically said "Who the hell are you, Noob, to tell me how to write?" It wasn't worded that way, but that was the idea. I figured for the article writer to talk that way, it must have been someone who wasn't a noob, but can't prove it. Sorry I don't remember more! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 22:46, September 1, 2009 (UTC)
It's a rarity, from my experience. Although I've had a couple of the old-timer's have a go at me over the last couple of months. Personally, don't care - I have always said that PEEs are 90% opinion (in fact I think I said that to you not long ago), which means no matter what is said in there, by that token it is always accurate. Where the problem lies is in wether or not it's helpful. So my reviews are always "What I would do..." and "One option you have is..." and I rewrite parts of it in my mind, and the stuff I can't quite work out I'll mention, and give half-hearted options, but always throw it back to the originator. What does boil my bunny is when someone reviews, and rather then just give feedback go in and do a partial or major re-write. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 22:54, 1/09/2009
I did one Pee Review where the writers liked it (there were two primary ones) and suggested I rewrite it myself if they didn't get around to it. I haven't done it yet, because I want to give them first shot. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 23:02, September 1, 2009 (UTC)
I wouldn't do that. So far I've done only a few rewrites, Number Bases, White Folks, Swimming, and Pawn shop. Although there may have been one or two others that I've forgotten about. Number Bases is the best of them, and that's about the fail at VFH. White Folks was to try and clean up all the ugly racism and make it funny, which it still only half is, Swimming was just really annoying me so most of what I did is reformat it and get rid of some of the worst excesses. (Somebody really wanted it to say that Gareth Kean was a Pervert though, and kept reverting, so I threw that into Six Hats.) And Pawn shop was a stub I extended when I was first learning how to format and trying to find my comedic feet. And I nearly forgot 4Kids, which I started to redo and then stopped because I didn't really know the topic anyway - just hated it. At the same time I've written a bundle of new things, 3 of which have become FA, including Psyché, which I should never have done the accent on the e because it's a bastard to write!
You have a really good voice. Write more original stuff - Dead puppy was a really good piece. Despite the concept of killing puppies. Killing puppies is never the answer. (If I get someone to huff the puppy huffing article, then that becomes a huffing huff. So is that a huff squared? Would that then be a kwarter?) <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:29, 2/09/2009
Too much huffing math! But on the article they suggested I rewrite, it's a topic no one knows anything about anyway. So I'm as not qualified as anyone. And congrats on Psyché! You've done a lot here. Have you edited other wikis? Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 02:38, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
No. Well, not completely true - I've messed up an article on wikipedia that I had been targeting for a spork, and realised that the wikipedia has some major issues, but that was after being in here, and as a direct result of being in here. I used to be a mildly successful creative writer, and I've done a little html/css/javascript/web design training. But for the most part I was recently unemployed and bored. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 09:05, 2/09/2009

I'm new here[edit]

Thanks for welcoming me. I edit Wikipedia and other wikis but this looks much funnier. Is the format here like there? Why do I need to provide this?

Editing articles, making links, all that wiki programming stuff is basically the same. But people here tend to tease more than there, so even if someone sounds like they're mad, they may be kidding. Really check out what I posted on your user page. It helped me a lot! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 03:50, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
I saw you're with the Colonization project and tried to sign up. But it wouldn't let me join. Can I sign up through you? Why do I need to provide this? 03:56, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
You sign up directly. I don't know why it wouldn't let you apply. I'll check and see what I see. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 04:01, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
Before you sign up, you might want to read User:SysRq/Imperial_Colonization. I'm not sure why you don't see an edit button--or do you? If you do, click on it. If not, maybe they have something that makes wait a few days before applying. I had to wait 4 days before I could edit some articles here. I hope this helps! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 04:08, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
Ok I guess I can wait. I'll just edit randomly. Why do I need to provide this? 04:12, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
Great! I'm signing off now, so have fun and see you soon! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 04:16, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
See you. Why do I need to provide this? 04:18, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
Imperial Colonization is semi-protected. You should be able to access it around 4-5 days after you first registered. ~ 22:45, September 2, 2009 (UTC)
Hey YdoI... Just a little ettiquette thing. If you have written in someone's talk page or in a forum, and then there has been a response to it later, it's considered impolite to go back and change it (well, anything beyond spelling mistakes). No harm in what you've done here, but it has been used in the past with malicious intent. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 22:46, 3/09/2009
Did I do that? Sorry. Why do I need to provide this? 11:56, September 4, 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, you did. As I said not an issue, and I honestly am not fussed about it personally, as you changed things grammatically and only a minor change in meaning, but then again I'm not an admin, and some adimns are evil. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:35, 5/09/2009

Just a general thing about Template:Construction...[edit]

the construction template is not made to be a place holder for a future article, or to save one liners that are going to be expanded on later. For instance, the article you created, ‎Jamie Lynn Spears would probably be deleted on sight if any admin saw it. Just try not to do that, at least stick in a few lines and put some effort before saying you'll come back to it. Or create it in your user space, where nobody can do anything about it. In closing, gyar. Lieutenant THEDUDEMAN Dude ... Totally UOTM KUN GotA F@H 21:04, September 4, 2009 (UTC)

But the admins all love me! :) Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 21:07, September 4, 2009 (UTC)
Some adimns are evil. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:35, 5/09/2009
I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling I'm telling!    Orian57    Talk   Union pink.jpg 02:50 5 September 2009

All right. Cut it out, kids, or I'll give you all a spanking. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 02:52, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

Touch me and I'll call childline!    Orian57    Talk   Union pink.jpg 02:53 5 September 2009
Damn kids. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 02:55, September 5, 2009 (UTC)
Damn women.    Orian57    Talk   Union pink.jpg 03:04 5 September 2009
Damn noobs. Lieutenant THEDUDEMAN Dude ... Totally UOTM KUN GotA F@H 03:11, September 5, 2009 (UTC)
All right. I add more words to Jamie Lynn Spears. So there! :P Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 03:20, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

Qwestion and Reqwest[edit]

Are you thinking about re-writing the Britney Spears article at all? If so, please consider keeping the discography section simply because I love it and I'm probably the only one who gets it and I'm a self-centered dork. Sincerely, --Bald dude.png Roman Dog Bird!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Bald dude.png 03:38, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

You mean the section I cut that lists her movie appearances? I'm glad you like it. I don't mind if you want to add it back. Or maybe it could be a separate article that Brooke Shields links to? Would that work? Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 04:34, September 5, 2009 (UTC)
I was actually referring to this. It's been there for a long time now and it cracks me up just because their all albums from this one band that I've been meanin' to get into for years now. And that their just so weird and have nothing to do with Britney Spears. To be honest, I also haven't seen the section that you wrote, but.......wait are you talking about your awesome Brooke Shields article? Cuz I'm talking about something way different here! What's going on? --Bald dude.png Roman Dog Bird!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Bald dude.png 05:04, September 5, 2009 (UTC)
Oh, sorry, my mistake. I got mixed up on who you were talking about. Britney Spears and Brooke Shields are both B.S. (Really I'm a fan of them both). I haven't done many articles here yet, but so far rewrites are harder than starting from scratch. Britney Spears has some really good parts, but also some parts not so good. I don't know if I want to tackle it alone. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 05:16, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

Great Stuff Noob Whoever You Are[edit]

Congrats on getting featured for Britney Spears Brooke Shields. I saw your definitions in Intermittens 7 and those were great too. But I have to ask who are you, really? I mean your real name, i.e., Discordian one. You obviously know The Great One, whom I worship (no, not Eris Discordia, her son by Bob. You know who I mean. You should--looks like you're his half sister.) -- Binky The WonderSkull 18:44, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

I'm glad you liked it. But who is The Great One? Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 00:46, September 7, 2009 (UTC)


I'm pretty familiar with wikis, but some stuff's different here. (Where else is vandalising user pages seen as good taste?) You welcomed me here, did a recently featured article, vandalised my user page, and I see you were adopted so you know how it works. Would you like to adopt me? WHY??? 23:01, September 7, 2009 (UTC)

That's really sweet that you'd want me to adopt you. But really I haven't been here very long myself so I'm still learning. I know ppl to get answers from, but I'm still asking a lot of questions. I'd love to adopt you, but there's more experienced people at UN:AAN. Just look for ones that are taking adoptees. But thanks for asking! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 00:37, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
Certainly I understand if you don't want to adopt me. That's completely your choice, and I'll accept what you want. But you did says "I'd love to adopt you," so I'm going with that. I'm pretty used to wiki format (I'd edited five or so), and can always ask someone else something you don't know. I know they're more experienced people here--that's one of the reasons I asked you. You haven't been here long, but you've already been featured, and I mistook you for an admin. And the fact you've just learned a lot of this means it's still fresh in your mind. Plus I took the liberty of checking, and found that your adopter didn't even answer your post on his talk page, so you really got by on your own. I like that, because that's what I like to do. But I figured being adopted would give me some type of connection here, so I'm asking. I don't expect you to do anything. So let me know if you're interested. WHY??? 01:36, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
Ok I thought about it. If you really want me to adopt you, you're adopted! But if you change your mind and want to go with someone else, I'll understand. :) Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 02:30, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
All righty then! I'm adopted! Yes! WHY??? 03:26, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
Hey, Miley, I have never been adopted either? Can you adopt me? May require regular breast feeding. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:49, 8/09/2009
Silly puppy, you've been here long than I have! But if you're a good doggie, I might let you sleep by my bed. No, not in my bed! Get down! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 03:02, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
Hey, puppy bitch (or puppy son of a bitch), get away from my Mommy's bosom person! She's my Mommy, not yours! WHY??? 03:29, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
Oh, and, I love your sig! Save it to a template like User:Miley Spears/sig and then change you sig preferences to paste the link to that template. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:49, 8/09/2009
Thanks, glad you like it (and is that me blinking? Seriously, I really like it). WHY??? 03:31, September 8, 2009 (UTC)
Actually Why blink.gif actually was created for the article Lateral Thinking, which I am considering now putting forward for VFH. It's slightly out of alignment which is why I have all that ugly code around it to lift it up slightly, and also to show how to use an image as a hyperlink in Wikimedia. If either of you wants to read through Lateral Thinking and let me know what you think before I put it forward I'd appreciate it. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 03:49, 8/09/2009
And I've just edited POOF as per the PEE... I've taken on board half of what you suggested, and left a few things in that you didn't like based upon other feedback. Again, thumbnail sketch of what you think would be appreciated. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 04:26, 8/09/2009
Cool! I don't have time to look at it right now, but I'll check it out tomorrow. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 04:39, September 8, 2009 (UTC)

Noob of the Month[edit]

(I'm posting this for both Admin Mordillo and for Miley Spears who adopted me). I was nominated for Noob of the Month the first day I got here. By my reading of the rules, I didn't qualify when I was nominated--I hadn't yet written an article. It looks like I qualify now based on Sun Bee, but perhaps my pre-qualification nomination violates the nomination. Also while I'm honored, I'm a little bit uncomfortable with it. I may be a noob here, but I've edited several wikis so am in no way new to wikification. Someone else who's a true noob might miss out. WHY??? 03:15, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

see Mordillios page <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 03:18, 9/09/2009
I just read your comment on Mordillo's page, but I'm not sure I understand it. I don't remember posting anything about this before. Maybe you could refresh my faulty memory? WHY??? 03:23, September 9, 2009 (UTC)
Maybe you should ask your mother when she finally sobers up about people being nominated for n00b of the month whi are not technically n00bs. And I couldn't resist that link! <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 05:43, 9/09/2009
Iyamsober "hic!". Ok here's the story. I was nommed for NotM because I'd only been here a few days. Only really I was here for one day right before finals, then came back a month and a half later and posted like crazy. Because of that one day, I was disqualified. But you qualify now even if you didn't when they nommed you, so I don't think anybody will care. Also when I was nommed everybody knew I'd done a lot of edits at Wikipedia cuz I told everybody. Also you can vote for yourself! Everybody here does it. You're doing great, Baby! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 01:20, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

All long and hard to get a handle on[edit]

So new header... I've just made a couple of minor amendments to POOF. Have to fix the formatting... somehing odd that wikimedia does with images and creating white space. Still not quite finished. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 03:20, 9/09/2009

Obscenities... I have given in. Format... To avoid the stoopid Wiki issue I've thrown it into a table to control layout. Cannot I Stuffed Be Signing In... PC Work In End It Is - Yoda

All right look at it I will! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 01:25, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Squirrel Boy says thanks[edit]

To America's #1 Teenage Rockstar/Psycho

Huge thanks for the urination on my first article. I found myself agreeing with quite a bit of it.

About how short the length of my you-know-what was, I actually rushed the article a bit. It took me about 30 minutes to do from start to finish since I didn't want to lose any of the ideas before they expired. I think I might be able to add a bit more on it. The YouTube response thing was a great inspiration and I could take it from there. I actually found a great image for that article, but for some reason it wouldn't there a place you need to upload pictures for articles separately?

Good luck on your next US tour, by the way.

Thanks! Glad I could help. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 01:32, September 10, 2009 (UTC)


Hope you don't mind me answering for my Mommy, but she's busy right now. Or she's in her freshman English class. On the left of your screen under toolbox you should see Upload image. Try clicking on that and see what it says. After you've uploaded an image, you can link the pic within your article. If you aren't sure how to do that, you can click edit on an article that has an image, and copy the code. I hope this helps, and if not, ask my Mommy! Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  17:38, September 9, 2009 (UTC)
What my son said. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 01:33, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
There is an official one of these somewhere, but I can never locate it when I want, so my tutorial on how to upload a file. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:36, 10/09/2009

Is this also not you?[edit]

Considering you wrote Jamie Lynn Spears about clones/twins, thought maybe this would also apply: File:HotTwins.JPG Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  17:47, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

Thanks Sonny! I'm adding it. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 01:51, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Fixed the main page[edit]

Cookie please! And I want a real one, not (just) a template. Spang talk 22:11, 09 Sep 2009

Thank you from the trainyards[edit]

Under Construction.png

Isaac The Tank Engine Thank you template is currently unavailable.
Our thank you template is currently deceased, however it is due to be back in 3 days.
We apologise for any inconvenience.
<span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>

Yay! It got featured and with more votes. Great! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 01:45, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
Yeah... I gave in and whored and called in a few favours... And thanks again for taking the initiative to go after Mordillo like that - He wasn't doing it to be nasty and I could see the rationale behind it. It just meant that I became more determined to get in in the running. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:19, 10/09/2009
I was pissed when it happened! But it looks like somebody featured it when somebody else disagreed or something. Anyway I'm glad it got featured! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 02:23, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
Olipro put it up, Mordillo took it down saying that it wasn't strong enough yet because of the lack of voting on VFH recently, and he didn't want a feature that didn't have a rating in double digits. I then convinced him to read it and vote with his conscience. And then he huffed my Sockpuppet and managed to stuff up my access from my home PC... Grrr!
I'm putting POOF up for VFH. I think any changes that I make to it are going to be minor or cosmetic. If it falls then I'll put it back to the backburner agin and work on one of the others... or maybe even write something new. How do you feel about a Collab? <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 02:43, 10/09/2009
Silly Puppy. I rated POOF 39 before you improved it. I would have nommed it! But that's OK. I think a collab would be cool if we find something we both want to write about! Right now I'm trying to do Discordian American Princess and Pedobear. I have ideas for the bear but almost none for DAP. If you want to work on those cool! Pedobear I'm writing by everybody's suggestions who gave them on the Pedobear talk page. He's a real bear that people think is human. He ends up doing almost everything after he graduates from high school and college, but I haven't figured out how yet. He writes a popular song, is copied as a popular toy, has success in fashion, is used by Disney for their theme park Pedoland, acts on TV and in movies, goes into British politics, then becomes a priest who promotes discipline of children by gentle correction instead of spanking. He starts the "child loving priests" or, in Latin, Pedophile Priests. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 03:17, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
Mommy, if you want an idea of how Pedobear gets a high school diploma and college degree when he presumably can't read or write, what if he's really good at playing sports? I really know someone who could bearly barely read who got As in college because he was a star athlete and took a lot of classes from coaches. I imagine a bear would be great at blocking and tackling. Maybe he ends up playing professionally for the Chicago Bears. And maybe also plays for the Chicago Cubs. (I don't know if you could get the Chicago Bulls and Bears related to a Bear or Bull stock market). Also if Pedobear's used for Disney, maybe you could somehow substitute him for Mickey Mouse. If you're interested, let me know and I might be able to make some images. Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  17:01, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Picture I made of Mommy[edit]

Mommy miley1.jpg

"This is a picture of my Mommy taking her medicine." Of course this is intended to be a joke. I wouldn't have made it, but noticed you joined in on the joking about your supposed drinking. If you don't want me doing things like this, let me know and I'll stop. Love you, Mommy! Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  17:05, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

That's totally funny! lol I'll put it on the fridge. You can make all you want. Maybe Mommy with her boyfriends and girlfriends, or Mommy whatever. Really I think you could make an article out of a kids' drawings of his Mommy! Love you too, Sonny! Mommy kissies. Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 20:58, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Also I have a question. You're my Mommy, but who's my Daddy? Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  18:27, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

You're Mommy is still waiting upon the test results to rule out several possibilities... Given she can't locate the other 982 it may take some time... <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>t 20:57, 10/09/2009
982? It is NOT 982! I just came back from a date with a guy and his brother. Now it's 984! Oh, wait, I forgot about the guy I asked to pump my gas. It's 985. :P Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 21:02, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
I'm glad I'm too young to know what this means. Also I'm getting off very soon, so see you, Mommy! Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  21:08, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
Oh, my little boy is getting off. And all by himself too! :P Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 21:10, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Hey Miley, tell everyone that the father is Michael Jackson. Then you might get a cut of the inheritance. And I won't have to pay child support. --C:\syndrome\_ 21:54, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Didn't you know? Michael Jackson is still alive! Did I meet you one time when I was drunk? Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 22:25, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
Wait, you were drunk? I thought you just had muscular dystrophy, and a speech impediment. And used rum-flavored toothpaste. And I thought you were making an existentialist comment about the futility of life when you said you were wasted. I'm a sucker for a girl who can quote Nietzche. --C:\syndrome\_ 23:42, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Pictures I uploaded for Mommy[edit]

I didn't know if you wanted to use a photo of Jamie Lynn Spears or just keep the Britney clone joke, but here's a couple if you want them. I like the clone joke, by the way.

I can upload some of Pedobear if you want. And if you want some really badly altered photos, let me know. Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  20:51, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

Those are great! I might keep the Britney photo up though. But I really need Pedobear pics! And altered pics would be great too! Dame Pleb Com. <font="Times New Roman">Miley <font="Times New Roman">Spears (talk) 21:07, September 10, 2009 (UTC)