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How did you get the pop-ups to appear in the pop-ups page? I copy and pasted the code into my own userpage and it worked fine, but I put in a different image (Image:PopupBlocked.png) and all I saw was text written over my userpage.SteveSims 05:57, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

I have awarded you an award of awarding magnitude[edit]

DaveMustaineAward.jpg LinkTGF has awarded you the exquisite

Dave Mustaine Award of Excellence
Not only do you do great things, but you are unrecognized for them :(
Continue and someday I will like something of yours enough to steal it and call it my own!

I love your stuff, always clever and always funny :) Keep up the great work :) --LinkTGF 05:08, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

MS Paint[edit]

I kind of liked the ripoff image, because it had that extra meta level of drawing the actual paint inside the fake paint, but my view on the matter isn't strong enough to make me fight for it anymore than with this statement right here. --Sir gwax (talk) Signuke.gif 21:50, 3 Jan 2006 (UTC)

I randomized it --Da, Y?YY?YYY?:-:CUN3 NotM BLK |_LG8+::: 09:57, 4 Jan 2006 (UTC)


We decided to remove all nominations with more than one variation of the same picture. It annoys us. Takes up space. Isn't what VFP is for. Etc. KATIE!! 22:43, 3 Jan 2006 (UTC)

More like, some assplow saw the image, thought "huh, why didn't I think of that," and uploaded the exact same thing, slightly altered to get credit for it. That's what takes up space - duplicate images.
Nonymous, the recent huffing of VFP was due to an Administators cabal on IRC, and was intended to free up some space by getting rid of some of the less deserving submissions. If you could let me know which ones you think have been huffed incorrectly I'll look into a solution. -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb.png (talk to me)

Hey, if you don't mind, could you come talk to us? We can explain how VFH/VFP work and work through any complaints/suggestions that you have. Thanks! --KATIE!! 15:52, 8 Jan 2006 (UTC)


Nonymous, you should consult the admins before creating new templates for well-establshed systems like VFH. As unlikely as it sounds, there is a method to this madness. At the very least you should raise suggestions for things like this in the Village Dump first. I've reverted the changes to VFH, but I'll leave the template for the moment until I've had a chance to confer with Rcmurphy, as he (usually) runs VFH. But do not do things like this without communicating first. -- Sir Codeine K·H·P·B·M·N·C·U·Bu. · (Harangue) 18:04, 7 Jan 2006 (UTC)

I did bring it up in VD, where it got next to no response. I'll re-revery VFD since I added another edit before I read this.
Yes, that was my mistake. I only just saw that discussion after posting the above, so I apologise. But you still need clear admin approval before going ahead with it. -- Sir Codeine K·H·P·B·M·N·C·U·Bu. · (Harangue) 18:07, 7 Jan 2006 (UTC)

Dog Hazards[edit]

So the image Dog Labels is now featured. Since MoneySign made the original dogs, I don't think I can give you the Featured Image award. However, because your tiled version resulted in a highly positive response on VFP and led to the image's featuration, I'm giving you this Humour Assist MS Paint Ninjastar. Careful, it's sharp. --—rc (t) 04:51, 11 Jan 2006 (UTC)

UnNews categories by {CURRENTMONTH}[edit]

I've looked at your changes, effectively renaming Category: 02/2006 news to Category:February 2006, and they do look to be salvageable but do affect a couple of other templates, one of which {{New page}} *cannot* be editted normally without breaking it and must be uploaded as XML by an admin (because it constains subst:). {{News}} is also affected by your changes.

The {{UnNews}} template is likely well on its way to being deprecated, with new articles using {{News}} instead. The problem with {{UnNews}} is that the date stamp is the last date the article was editted, not the date of initial creation. All of these timestamp templates (not just UnNews, but also NRV and the like) rely on various MediaWiki quirks and ideosynchronicies to work at all, and are certainly less than perfect. As such, the utmost care and a good understanding of how the fool things manage to work at all is needed before changing anything.

I've made the template changes so hopefully everything is consistent now, with the possible exception of the category names for the previous months. In future, if you're not sure how something works, please ask... there are some rather oddball kludges in use for timestamp templates here. --Carlb 18:29, 5 February 2006 (UTC)


Dear Nonymous,

don't EVER do that again! Who or what do you think you are reverting such a thing as Euroipods WITHOUT discussing this with others?? Ever heard of the Village Dump?!? Next time, before you get all high and mighty, and think your ideas are always the best, run it by some other people. Thanks.

Yours truly,

Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU [email protected]|PLS|UotM 20:45, 17 February 2006 (UTC)

P.S.: You're a git.

Dear MoneySign,
last time I started a discussion on changing something I was banned. Kthxbye.
Yours truly,
Nonymous 20:47, 17 February 2006 (UTC)
P.S.: I don't have P.S.
If you were being a total arse about it, I'm sure you were banned, yes. Sysops don't take well to arses (see Nerd42 and Nintendorulez). Were you being an arse about it? --Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU [email protected]|PLS|UotM 20:54, 17 February 2006 (UTC)
P.S.:The git-thing wasn't my idea... Somebody else sent his/her love with that one.


Depleted uranium penetrator.jpg Bloopy would like to award this depleted uranium penetrator to Nonymous for changing the Google page in a genius-like manner. Don't use it all at once.


Reskin Ninjastar[edit]


I'm sorry, but that template had to go, we don't want to rely on such a trick (I still cringe at {{title}}), nor overly encourage it, especially if at some future point we have to disable external images (ouch). If you want {{ad}} to be clickable links, you should do it manually. </nazi sysop> ... --Splaka 02:46, 29 May 2006 (UTC)


Do you think you can make a version that says "Admired" for Alliteration? (We already have one for AAAAAAA!).-- 12:43, 8 June 2006 (UTC)

Large Text[edit]

with that extra large side thing it just looks messed up, the web thing is ok but the Large Uncyclopedia is just confusing--Sir Silent Penguin "your site makes no sence" The illusion is complete 19:38, 5 August 2006 (UTC)

That 9/11 pic...[edit]

The pic you uploaded on the 9/11 article is genius. Might I ask, did you make that yourself, or did you find it somewhere else?

I had wiki-linked (or whatever the thing in x2 brackets is called. Pipe link like on E2?) to it hoping to get text link to the image, but uncyclopedia put the picture into my comment so I'll just give you the url instead, which is --Holsety 01:52, 12 October 2006 (UTC)

Sign Your posts Pleeze[edit]

you can be anonymous on your own page, but for the benefit of <insert name here>, it's best to sign your stuff. Sir Severian Severian1.jpg CUN.png (Sprich mit mir!) Kraut.png


For the Template:Benson, I grant you:

Newcookie.gif User:Cainad has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

This is a great day for the Chronicles. --The Acceptable Thinking cap small.png Cainad Sacred Chao.png (Fnord) 01:29, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

Welcome to UnNews and Merry Kaizum Me![edit]

the important stuff about UnNews articles[edit]

Welcome to UnNews, and thank you for contributing some crap. For a very quick introduction to the ins and outs, please take 30 seconds to read Help:How to write an UnNews article. Please note that proper formatting of an articles title has only the first word (after UnNews:) and proper nouns capitalized. The second offense of this cardinal rule gets your ass banned. Heh, just kidding... maybe.

Also, a perusal of HowTo:Tune up an UnNews article may help you sink to the average level of UnNews mediocrity, and go on to fame, fortune, and celebrity. Cheers!

Prototype: how to do an unnews audio[edit]

Note: this crap is a work in progress
Jesus bought the Holy Ass, depicted here as a raptor, from zim in 1066 AD.

As for doing the UnNews Audio Perpendicular Mambo, first you'll need software to record sound files on your computer. I currently use Cakewalk Sonar, but many other applications such as the freeware Audacity, or other commercial applications like Steinberg's Cubase and Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation will be great.

Having that in place, there ar UnNews jingle files you can download, and add to your files here:

You'll need to upload your final audio file in mp3 format.

Once uploaded, you'll need to tag the article you've read like this


Next, go to this page, add your file with pointer and file size arranged like this:

Your_soundfile_name.mp3|article_title|<file size>KB|

The file size information can be found on the info page of the audio which you've uploaded.

The procedure for setting up your file for podcast is a secret freemason thingy which Olipro and I currently manage. I'm around almost daily, so I look for new audio files to delete fix, or whatever. If you get hung up with any of these steps, let me know, or alternately check out #unnews and #uncyclopedia on IRC. Cheers!

Karatechimp.jpg zim_ulator wishes you a Merry Kaizum Me!
the first holiday officially sanctioned by the church of zimizm (cOz)!

Hi. About templates.[edit]

How do I edit random templates?

I would like to edit Template:Ad. Y'know...

Expect to refer 5 of your friends and pay a shipping cost of $299.99

How would I do it, if I can?

File:Mspaint.gif Featured--Congratulations![edit]

I see you haven't posted here in about 2 1/2 years, but I still hope you'll log in some day and see this. Your picture, [[File:Mspaint.gif]], was just made the featured image for Uncyclopedia! Congratulations! (Personally, I love the irony of MS Paint done with MS Paint). Rabbi Why do I need to provide this?, humble goylem rabbi of the Temple of Narishkayt and rector of The University of Uncyclopedia, Whynersville Rabbi WHY??? (shmuesn)  19:00, September 14, 2009 (UTC)