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“This isn't organised, this is compulsively tidy”

~ Orian57 on my talk page

“Freedom of speech! Your only family is Yettie, Orian, and your five brothers, and none of them care!”

~ Methamphetamine on Censoring RAEP(Misspelled on purpose)

The Tenenbaum Family Archives

Archive I - Prehistory to 8 Sep, 2008 Welcomed by Skullthumper, Joining the Mafia, Adopted by Yettie, Joining the UnOrder, “This isn't organised, this is compulsively tidy" sez Orian...

Archive II - 9 Sep, 2008 to 24 Sep 2008 Raped (like four times), Orian's 3rd Feature, RantRantRant, Break up with Meth, Collab w/ Orian, I Haz Awesome Penis, ㄏㄨㄤㄉㄧ, "Forgive Me!"

Archive III - 24 Sep 2008 to 7 Nov 2008 Book Talk, Breaking Orian's Page, Birthday!, Moose Review, Graduation from Yettie!, Moose Pics, Moose Nom (that I neglected to do. Or did I? I dunno...), JZ Gets Infini-Banned, Girlfriends...

Archive IV - 7 Nov 2008 to 22 Jan 2009 VERY LARGE AND OBNOXIOUS RAPE, WikiProject Hot Chicks, Yettie is a Girl (and ensuing confusion), Noob Help, Various Other Things Not Worth Mentioning

Archive V - 28 Jan 2009 to 2 Jan 2010 mom vs. mum, a slow decent into madness



Yes! It's been too long. Far far too long since I've got myself some nice juicy young talkpage action. - [22:09 3 January 2010] PlebYettie