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Why do you keep going on about being blocked? So far as I can tell, you've never been blocked here nor are you in danger (at the moment) of being blocked. --Rcmurphy KUN 21:09, 5 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Ryan Cahn's Talk (RyanCahn only)[edit]

How about if you send me new messages?

I'm not blocked! Bad chance you losers.

You reverted Mario Party Question? Doesn't mean you can add "No we won't answer that question!"

I'm violating your personal space to amek you read the Beginner's Guide, adn to tell you that you need to learn how the pages here work.

If you have a legitimate question to ask people in general, add it to Uncyclopedia:Village Dump. If it's about an article, add it to the article's talk page. Not your talk page, not a new page. If you want to experiment, use Uncyclopedia:Sandbox. Put things in the right place. Admins shouldn't have to clean up after your messes. --Sir Flammable KUN 04:21, 12 Sep 2005 (UTC)

I also deleted your 'revertuser' template, as it was superfluous to the needs of the site. We already have Uncyclopedia:Ban Patrol which is the place for reporting vandalism and deconstructive edits. If you wish to participate in the Wikicities communities, please take the time to see how they work. Start with the Beginner's Guide as Flammable suggested. Other documents to read and digest include:

By learning how the place works first, you increase your chances of writing good quality articles that people will appreciate and find funny. You also garner respect and understanding, and will be treated accordingly. Women will want you. Men will want to be you. Total strangers will embrace you in the street and offer you their daughters' hands in marriage. -- Sir Codeine K·H·P·B·M·N·C·U·Bu. · (Harangue) 12:11, 12 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Good title / User is blocked[edit]

What are you doing with these? Are you trying to set up new templates or something? -- Sir Codeine K·H·P·B·M·N·C·U·Bu. · (Harangue) 21:18, 10 Sep 2005 (UTC)

You're being disruptive by creating pointless templates and adding them to articles, and you apparently refuse to respond to questions from admins, and your hysteria about being blocked is really irritating. So. Enough already. If you want to be banned, we can certainly do that. --—rc (t) 23:55, 13 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Don't miss out on this exciting offer. Our representatives are standing by. Call now. -- 01:19, 14 Sep 2005 (UTC)
Just a question here, Ryan, you do know this is a parody site, right? A satire? --Splaka 01:34, 14 Sep 2005 (UTC)
Maybe his whole slew of edits here compose, as a whole, satire on useful contributers. Now that's like meta-satire, and worth a medal or something. But maybe I'm just meta-meta-satiring, and I'm the one who should get the medal. Damn. I should find some website where I could write crap like this all the time. -- 01:46, 14 Sep 2005 (UTC)
Eh? I thought there was one already -- Sir Codeine K·H·P·B·M·N·C·U·Bu. · (Harangue) 08:58, 14 Sep 2005 (UTC)
You must be new here. Everyone knows that site is meta-meta-meta-satire. -- -- » Brig Sir Dawg | t | v | c » 21:20, 18 Oct 2005 (UTC)


You've won a fabulous 30 day holiday away from Uncyclopedia! Not only have you failed to respond to my last message, you even moved it without responding. That takes a special brand of cluelessness, and so you've got a month's ban. Ryan, I'm imploring you: Read the articles in Help:Contents and stop misusing the wiki space or the ban will be permanent. -- Sir Codeine K·H·P·B·M·N·C·U·Bu. · (Harangue) 02:06, 18 Sep 2005 (UTC)