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Because that's much nicer then the alternative. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                 

I... Huh... Wha...? I don't believe in anything any more! --User:Under user/sig3 09:11, Jan 29
Is this even possible?!? User:Necropaxx/sig Friday, 17:02, Jan 29 2010
I'm guessing they're the bright yellow flowers of Brassica napus. talk 18:56, January 29, 2010 (UTC)


Afternoon Spang, young feller-me-lad, hope life is treating you in some fashion or other. As easily the single most newsworthy occurrence of the year to date, could I press you for a comment on your talkpage archiving shenanigans for the UnSignpost? Or do I have to go make something up, in the way the tabloid press, for example, definitely don't? --User:Under user/sig3 14:24, Feb 1

No comment! User:Spang/Sig- 22:09, 01 Feb 2010
"John Terry cheated on Wayne Bridge's wife with me" says Uncyc admin Spang! --User:Under user/sig3 09:30, Feb 2

Top 10[edit]

When you get the time, can you look at the feature code of {{2009Top10}}? I got a nasty feeling the re-featuring isn't going to work (as it is now midnight GMT +24 minutes and I still don't see Al Gore on the main page). Thanks. User:Mordillo/sig3 00:24, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

OIC. Thank you sir, you saved my arse, as always. User:Mordillo/sig3 00:35, February 2, 2010 (UTC)
Fixed, but that sucker ninjastar image looks pretty bad. It should totally have a better icon. User:Spang/Sig- 00:35, 02 Feb 2010
Which one, the one on the template, or the one in the corner? User:Mordillo/sig3 00:39, February 2, 2010 (UTC)
Also, I want to switch the feature in a few hours, since there are 4 tied for 10th place, and I don't want to end up clogging the front page forever - is it going to be an issue to have the same feature code over several pages while there is one page at a time on the queue? User:Mordillo/sig3 00:55, February 2, 2010 (UTC)
Aren't they both the same image? And no, it shouldn't be a problem as long as there's only one header for each day on the feature queue page. User:Spang/Sig- 01:08, 02 Feb 2010
They're the same image - I just used what was on {{2008Top10}}. I didn't really like it, but it was to distinguish it from a standard ninja star feature. The other thing I was thinking was a spinning ninja star gif - much cooler. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                 
A golden one or something would be more appropriate. User:Spang/Sig- 05:10, 02 Feb 2010
Cool. I'll do it tonight after I finish work. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                 
That's actually working with the theme of changing it every year, as {{2007Top10}} and {{2006Top10}} use different stars. Thanks both! User:Mordillo/sig3 07:09, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

UnSignpost 4th February 2010[edit]

Yes, yes. We know that you are not on the list for delivery. However, we thought considering the enormity of the events event discussed in this issue you might like a copy. :~) 9001(bot) Icons-flag-gb.png 16:42, Feb 4

Browser stuff[edit]

I'm trying to accommodate for the stupidity that is MSIE. Do you know of any way to do a if browser is MSIE then command? <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>

Oh, and are you able to work out how to stop my sig being stupid when the line is indented? <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>
Ignore the second part - I've worked out where the problem comes from and I've worked out a way to fix it - which involves not using buttonlink - but it'll take too much time to fix that at the moment, so I've just changed my sig completely. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span>
There's {{Ifie}} which claims to only show the content to IE users, but remember these things all rely on bugs or peculiarities in different browsers which would be fixed or changed any time. The best thing to do is just use correct code, and hope people upgrade their browsers sometime in the near future. The worst of them all, IE6, is almost dead now anyway. User:Spang/Sig- 03:59, 13 Feb 2010

Text box code[edit]

Hiya, I have very little knowledge in coding and even confused whether or not HTML is Uncyclopedia's markup language at all. Basically I'm trying to replicate a text box for use in an article. The purpose would be that the text box can be interacted and typed in and that, but the button alongside it takes the reader to another pre-prepared page on the site.

I resorted to googling "text box html" and found several sites, but I don't know how to implement the coding correctly, or if I'm even heading in the right direction. The following text is code I drew from this site and found it had as much effect on Uncyc as a pin does a sword.

<style type="text/css">
textarea.html-text-box {background-color:FFFFFF;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;border-width:1;border-style:solid;border-color:000000;font-family:Verdana;font-size:8pt;color:000000;}
input.html-text-box {background-color:ffffff;font-family:Verdana;font-size:8pt;color:000000;}
<form method="post" action="http://"><textarea name="comments" cols="15" rows="1" class="html-text-box">Enter your comments here...
<input type="submit" value="Oldernise!" class="html-text-box">
<input type="reset" value="Reset" class="html-text-box">


<a href="">HTML Text Codes</a>

Is there any way you could help me out? As the Big Yin says, HTML gives me a welcome similar to a fart in a space-suit. I imagine this is all Scotch people think about anyway. --User:Nachlader/sig5 15:50, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

It can't be done. The mark-up language used on wikipedia is wikimedia (or mediawiki... Whatever) which is like html lite. Given how light html is as a code it makes wiki almost weightless. So wiki uses some css and will allow somw html to be used, but the version Uncyclopedia uses will not allow text boxes and will give an extremely limited input box.
The closest you can get is User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Fuckwit - English translator - which fakes the look of a textbox and gives you a button link. A slight addition to this could be to change the button type to {{button}} which adds an extra level to the button. But as to being able to input text... Sorry.
And this isn't my talkpage. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 20:18, 11/02/2010
Ah, right. Oh well, thanks mate. I'll try and implement the fake textbox look in the article then. I'd rather have a box of some sort that turns the cursor into that roman column thingy that cursors do when they fly over text-inputting bits on websites on the internets, than a picture of a textbox. Thanks again. --User:Nachlader/sig5 20:49, February 11, 2010 (UTC)
Basically what he said. Only select safe html tags can be used in mediawiki, everything else is stripped out. There's the inputbox extension which would give you a real input box, but you'd also have to have a button there too, and that button would actually do things. You can add the caret cursor to any element by adding style="cursor: text;", and use various css to make a box look axactly like an input box, but you wouldn't be able to type in it. User:Spang/Sig- 03:55, 13 Feb 2010
The button on the input box can actually be covered by something else which can half fix that, but then as soon as someone hits return... <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 05:04, 13/02/2010
And won't work for all font sizes. User:Spang/Sig- 05:06, 13 Feb 2010


WTF? Sir SockySexy girls.jpg Mermaid with dolphin.jpg Tired Marilyn Monroe.jpg (talk) (stalk)Magnemite.gif Icons-flag-be.png GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY 03:33, 13 February 2010

Seriously. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 03:37, Feb 13


Lovely spam, wonderful spam,
Lovely spam, wonderful spam,

That is all. User:Spang/Sig- 03:41, 13 Feb 2010


Lovely spang, wonderful spang,
Lovely spang, wonderful spang,

No really, WTF? Sir SockySexy girls.jpg Mermaid with dolphin.jpg Tired Marilyn Monroe.jpg (talk) (stalk)Magnemite.gif Icons-flag-be.png GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY 03:45, 13 February 2010

He also deletes articles wellSir ¬_¬ | Banter HOMOPHOBE!!! CUN.png Icons-flag-us.png NOTM 03:49, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

None of those were articles. User:Spang/Sig- 03:55, 13 Feb 2010
They were funny however. As agreed by the many, many different people (including many admins) who created them. How about you put them back eh? If you want to get rid of the page they were linking to... Try VFD. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 03:59, Feb 13
I realise people think the page it links to is funny for some reason, and that's not much of a problem. But all the the redirects I deleted are useless, and having a useless redirect where there could be an actual article tends to discourage anyone who might make a legitimate article in its place. Also, restoring them would be a lot more effort than it took to delete them, so no. User:Spang/Sig- 04:03, 13 Feb 2010
Oops, I turned this serious. :|Sir ¬_¬ | Banter HOMOPHOBE!!! CUN.png Icons-flag-us.png NOTM 04:10, February 13, 2010 (UTC)
YEAH. YOU SUCK, GUY. User:Spang/Sig- 04:11, 13 Feb 2010
I SUCK YOU ROFLROFLSir ¬_¬ | Banter HOMOPHOBE!!! CUN.png Icons-flag-us.png NOTM 04:23, February 13, 2010 (UTC)
Many of those redirect (such as the two created by MadMax and myself today) were not useless in our opinions. That's why we created them. They were actually very funny in the context of the article they were used in. It's common to use redirects as a way of expressing humour on Uncyc. By your logic ALL redirects should be deleted. Maybe some of them should have been deleted, but I feel you have gone totally over the top by deleting them all. I guess as you can't be bothered to fix this I will do so tomorrow. Or Socky and others can now if they want to. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 04:24, Feb 13
I didn't delete them all. I left out the ones which probably should redirect to that article. Maybe you just misunderestimated the actual number of redirects to it (100+) User:Spang/Sig- 04:47, 13 Feb 2010
Okay, maybe a few should be put back. Clearly the global warming related ones are far more useful pointing to that page than, say, global warming. Other are clearly just instant funny because, for no reason, and despite being completely unrelated, they redirect to a page which says "a wizard did it", such as , yay, and Poking people with bits of sharp metal. Then packaged bread without crust. There's also the ones which by all tests seem to be vanity, but actually aren't, like Modus is the worst, or Famine is a bastard, or MrN Has unusually large reproductive organs. There's all the ones where the title has something vaguely to do with magic, and therefore obviously should redirect to it. Practically everyone in Norway can see that! Probably. But clearly, they're all useful and hilarious redirects that definitely should be there, and someone deleting them was most improbable thing to ever happen in the whole history of everything. User:Spang/Sig- 05:09, 13 Feb 2010
Alternate response. This is you: Where the fuck is my article?!?!?!?!?!? User:Spang/Sig- 05:09, 13 Feb 2010
Regarding Where the fuck is my article... As you said, none of those were articles. I'm glad we agree about MrN Has unusually large reproductive organs. That's not vanity btw. It would be vanity had I created it, actually I don't remember ever seeing that redirect before. It was probably too factually correct so I totally support you deleting that one. This is Uncyc after all. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 08:53, Feb 13
So does anybody mind if I go through the list of redirects deleted and recreate the ones I think weren't useless at all? Sir SockySexy girls.jpg Mermaid with dolphin.jpg Tired Marilyn Monroe.jpg (talk) (stalk)Magnemite.gif Icons-flag-be.png GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY 18:41, 13 February 2010

WTF 2[edit]

The staff at Unsignpost have come to the realisation that you... did something about something that we know nothing about but has something to do with WTF, but we have no idea WTF WTF is. While we are known for our gutter journalism and our ability to create complete stories out of minimal factual information, we would like to get a comment from yourself that we can twist dramatically out of context and show you in the least flattering light. Any comment? <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 09:37, 15/02/2010

I didn't delete those. A wizard did it. User:Spang/Sig- 07:05, 20 Feb 2010

Question about Bot[edit]

User:SPIKE left me a message about using a bot to replace pages linking {{QNL}} with {{Q}}. Would this be possible? MadMax 23:38, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

Possibly with a bot or script, but a redirect is probably a good a solution as any. User:Spang/Sig- 07:05, 20 Feb 2010


Ooh, you archived! Two questions today:

  • (Further to the previous section: I first asked MadMax thinking, from his prolific editing, that he was the site's Master of Bots.) The Forum debate on {{Q}} is closed, but it seems there is a {{QNL}}, used on between 250 and 500 pages, that at this point is nothing but a redirect to {{Q}}. It is not referenced in the documentation on {{Q}} of alternative ways to code quotes. Can "{{QNL" be globally converted to "{{Q"?
  • The page UnNews would look a lot better if the section headings were not numbered. I have stumbled on NOTOC but can't find anything in Wikipedia Help about turning off numbering on a single page. (Numbering can be turned off for all pages by a user preference.) Spıke ¬  00:14 18-Feb-10
MrN9000's a good man to go to for a bot. As for UnNews, I don't have any numbering appearing when I look at it. In fact I can see bullets (*) instead of numbers (#). Where are you specifically referring to. Also, this is not my talk page. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 02:03, 18/02/2010

Numbered sections in UnNews[edit]

You might not see section numbers, as (again) individual users can turn that off in their Preferences. When I click on your link, I see in the upper right of the page, "13 Start a new article" and, down below, the daily list is numbered, "2 February 17", "3 February 16", and so on. These are Sections 13, 2, and 3; but in no case does it help to show the section number. Spıke ¬  02:43 18-Feb-10

Ah - Either that was turned off by default or I deselected it ages ago. I can think of a fix that's really a long work-around, but it means that the section headings are no longer true section headings, which means that it will stuff up other areas. In regards to removing it and not stuffing up the rest... no idea at this stage. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 03:29, 18/02/2010
Pretty sure it's off by default and you have to turn it on to get this. I don't know if it can be changed. Using <h2> tags instead of wiki headers might stop it doing that. I dunno. User:Spang/Sig- 07:11, 20 Feb 2010
Okay - I've given it a burl and had no joy. The <h2> has the same issue (although they are actually third level headers, but ignoring that bit.) What can be done though is:-
Fake Header
<span style="font-size:150%; line-height: 100%;">Fake Header</span>
Which kills the possibility of editing using clicking headers, and removes the edit section stuff. It will work on this, but it's not pretty. An alternative is {{Hd}} which would be something along the lines of:
<span style="font-size:150%; line-height: 100%;">{{{1}}}</span>
Which would replace the above with {{Hd|Fake Header}}
What do you think? <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 08:41, 20/02/2010
Or alternatively, {{H3}} to mimic <h3>. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 08:56, 20/02/2010
Done... got impatient. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 10:22, 20/02/2010

You would have waited until now, because we on the US East Coast have been sleeping. I see you used a brute-force solution, and even went into {{RecentUnNewsAudio}} (recently renamed by me), inside which someone saw fit to hide a section head. It effects a change to UnNews:UnNewsAudio, inconsistent but not really ugly. The fake section headers look good here--which is lucky, because you didn't give them a class name in case I wanted to override you!

Use of Georgia font in UnNews[edit]

Now, one more question (originally asked of Rev. Zim--Who says I send information to the wrong people?): Who in hell is mandating the use of Georgia font in the headlines on UnNews? I can't override this without changing the rendition of every wikilink everywhere. Spıke ¬  11:16 20-Feb-10

I'm on the East coast too, but it's actually early tomorrow here. Need to sleep. I didn't create {{h3}} in the end because it was already done, but adding a class to the template is a doddle, and if it's a unique name it won't affect anyone else. I did create {{h4}} though.
As to the Georgia - no idea, and to be honest hadn't even noticed. More news-printy though. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 14:49, 20/02/2010

Found it. I have modified {{Main Lead}} so that the SPAN it creates for the main story's headline includes class=UnNewsHeadline and modified {{Lead}} for the two secondary stories to include class=UnNewsSubheadline. This should be invisible to everyone other than me. Spıke ¬  23:09 22-Feb-10

QNL is done[edit]

MrN has now taken care of {{QNL}}. Spang, or anyone with permissions, would you please remove the reference, in {{Q}}, to my alternative {{Q1}}? Q1 doesn't do anything that you cannot do now with Q; I don't use Q1; and there is no reason for anyone else to use Q1, unless you really hate the tilde in favor of the em-dash. {{Q1}} is not used outside userspace and the Forum where we discussed the options. Spıke ¬  20:02 18-Feb-10

But I like Q1!!! dang. User:Happytimes/sig 19 Feb 2010 ~ 03:56 (UTC)
Done, and you can still use Q1 if you want. User:Spang/Sig- 07:11, 20 Feb 2010
You're a scholar and a gentleman. User:Happytimes/sig 21 Feb 2010 ~ 03:24 (UTC)

As the author of {{Q1}}, though, Happytimes is its only user, it's in a page in his userspace (on R.Kelly) that he was given to maybe give it life after VFD some day, and it could just as easily use {{Q}}. I want {{Q1}} to be deleted, but will take it to VFD if that's what's appropriate. I seem to remember discussing with Happytimes local overrides (the orders on my system make {{Q}} and {{Q1}} look identical except for that em-dash. Spıke ¬  04:18 21-Feb-10

Are we able to change {{Q}} to:
<blockquote style="margin: 0.4em 1em .8em 0" class="quote"><span class="quoteline" style="background-color:#f9f9f9;font-size:1.1em;font-style:italic">“{{{1|Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.}}}”</span><div style="margin-left:2em;"><span class="quoteauthor" style="font-weight:bold;background-color:#f9f9f9;">{{#ifexist:{{{4|}}}|{{{4}}}|{{{4|~}}}}} {{#ifexist:{{{2|}}}|[[{{{2}}}]]|{{{2|Oscar Wilde}}}}} {{#if:{{{3|}}}|on {{{3}}}}}</span></div></blockquote>
to allow for someone to specify an "—", or whatever else takes their fancy? That will mean that {{Q}} becomes the equivalent of {{Q1}} simply by using the format:
{{Q|I really dislike tildes|Happytimes|quote templates|&mdash;}}
<span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 04:40, 21/02/2010

Puppy, you are on your own. I got Zana tired of talking about it, and I think Spang got tired too, on some of the pickier turns this was taking, and I gave up on my assertion that no one else in the world uses a tilde to introduce the utteror. Happytimes needs to 'fess up if he was just kidding when he protested that he likes {{Q1}}. Plowing it under is far preferable than giving it a fourth argument. Spıke ¬  05:09 21-Feb-10

Honestly don't really care about it, but figured it was an easy solution. To my mind a fourth argument only becomes an issue when that argument is compulsory. But as I said, I'm giving a potential solution but beyond that I'm not concerned. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 05:13, 21/02/2010
I really do like it better; but it does show up differently on my browser... anyway as you can see from my signature I do like tildes, that was never an issue for me at all ... I'm rambling... kill Q1 if you want, I won't cry. (I'll only have to change two instances is all.) User:Happytimes/sig 21 Feb 2010 ~ 08:41 (UTC)
Thanks for the reply. As a motion, once made and seconded, is the "property of the floor," I've taken {{Q1}} to VFD rather than request a private huffing. Spıke ¬  13:50 21-Feb-10

Good day sir[edit]

Hope all is well in the Spang camp. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of how you managed to get mass huffing working. I saw in the MediaWiki:Common.js that it points to this but as you see, that is not. Did you use a bot or is there some other magic rune I need to say first? Thanks in advance. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 08:58, Feb 21

I just wrote a small script of my own devising to delete any list of pages given to it. Could also be modified to move or do any other action, which I see could be useful for deleting games. Dunno if it would be useful for anyone else yet, as it's not average user friendly and needs you to use some other javascript on the page first for each list to delete so it can do things. If you want a game deleted, you could post it here, or I'll see if I can be bothered to make the script a little more user friendly. User:Spang/Sig- 18:35, 21 Feb 2010
Cool. Well, Game:TAOAG needs to go. That's this I think. I'm not a .js expert (C/C++) is more my bag, but I might be able to figure out what you have done with it if you don't have time to put into this now... Thinking about it, I actually have some C# code somewhere which can edit wikis. I must get off my arse and get that going sometime... MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 19:47, Feb 21
Man you are going to get scorch marks with that thing! Lol. As you can probably see from VFD, looks like this is something we are going to need for a while... MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 20:06, Feb 21
God damn I want some of that! It's the MEGA HUFFER! User:Mordillo/sig3 21:36, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

Multiple choice question[edit]

I have half a thought in mind and thought I'd run it past you to get your perspective. Is there any way to create multiple redirects to one page based upon a rootpage without creating a bunch of pages to redirect to one place. Or putting it simpler, if I created a page Multiple choice if I then created a link to Multiple choice: aace but have this swinging back to Multiple choice as a redirect without creating a bundle of pages from aaaa through to eeee. I'm thinking not, but figured it would be better to ask then keep working on a dead end. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 12:21, 22/02/2010

Never mind. I'm assuming the answer is no, and the other half of my thought hasn't worked either. I'm in the process of trying a back-up plan, but not holding my breath. <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 20:56, 22/02/2010
Have I expressed my frustration with the difficulty using mediawiki when trying to do something that is slightly left of centre? Argh! <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 21:06, 22/02/2010
You could have multiple sections on a page spaced very far apart and then link to their #section headers. Otherwise, you would have to create all the pages in a choice-tree form with a page for all possible choices. And yes, mediawiki was made for making encyclopedic-like articles and so anything else is going to be a little tricky to accomplish! User:Spang/Sig- 21:41, 22 Feb 2010
Okay, what I've played with and put together so far is User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Sandbox/0 which is a 2 state one level multiple choice. Or in short, a switch. Logically from here I could have User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Sandbox/0/1/4/5 etc where depending on the number of variables that I assign and what I let them get up to as to how many pages we would be looking at. By getting it to drag from a template like User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Sandbox however it means that all the info can be one that one page, and the other pages can just draw from this central point. It also means when used with a funkier front end like User:PuppyOnTheRadio/aitd:start you have a number of limited choices (4 directional choices, 1 use and 2 drop) but it gives an illusion of a much larger choice. This would mean that aitd could stretch out into a seven tiered system, but given that the drop choices are three pronged (I have, I just dropped, I don't have), and I'm limiting what can be done directionally, it means a lot of pages that effectively just link back to one template. It's long, but not complicated now I'm over the main hurdle, but what are your thoughts? Can you see anything that could be done a little better, or less server intensive? (I've already optimised the images as much as I can, btw, but I'm happy to agree to further optimisation as long as there's not a significant drop in quality.) <span class="GenOberst"> PoopyOnTheRadio </span> 01:59, 23/02/2010

I would just like to clarify...[edit]

You include your favourite in-joke in the MediaWiki:Sidebar for several months, but no other admins revert you (I guess they would consider it rude to do so), yet you delete redirects to another popular in-joke as "spam" and when there is a current active VFH nomination on a valid article article you simply move that article to the userspace of an admin who did not create it and even leave the VFH nomination open with a red link?

# 01:52, 11 March 2010 (hist) (diff) m User:Roman Dog Bird/Barack Obama's Statement ‎ (moved Barack Obama's 
Statement to User:Roman Dog Bird/Barack Obama's Statement: Add to the list: creates vanity pages) (top) [rollback] 

I guess you know what's best and all the other admins here don't I assume? Obviously I will clean up after you (again). I just love doing that.

Also, I'm grateful for all the time you put into sorting this important issue. I take it you don't intend to share your code which allows speedy deletion of multiple pages with us as you are obviously too busy, and it's best if we just have to rely on you whenever we need to do this? MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 10:10, Mar 11

Let's see.

  • Euroipods is not my favourite inside joke, clearly. And I changed it to that from "Yorkshire style humour, by 'eck" which was even more of an inside joke, as I think it related to a forum that was going on at the time. I changed it to less of an inside joke because it was a) line wrapping in the sidebar and b) didn't want to straight revert the humorous (I'm sure) change to the sidebar text (I guess that would have been rude). I recently changed it back because it had been there for long enough.
  • Deleting spam redirects to popular in-joke? Guilty as charged. Not sorry.
  • Moving vanity article to userspace of the user it was about. Oops. I didn't even check the history of that thing. But I would disagree that it's a valid article. It is vanity. Vanity articles are not valid, even if nominated for VFH (by the user the vanity article was about, shockingly!). I'm sure I must have said it a thousand times, but vanity by/about uncyclopedia users is still vanity as far as I'm concerned. And no, a VFH template won't save it. And RDB's userpage is still a good place to move it, unless you'd rather it was moved to the IP's userpage or whatever?
  • That forum thing. That took two minutes to do. I'm also grateful I have 2 minutes to do something amusing. I guess I'd be a pretty unhappy person if I didn't even have that.
  • Finally, here's the code for the mass deletion script. I hope you find it useful.
pages =  				// ( /api.php?action=query&list=backlinks&bllimit=500&blfilterredir=redirects&format=jsonfm&bltitle=... etc   )
token = 				// ( Token )
count = 0
reason = ''			// ( Reason )

function del(page,token,reason) {
	YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest('POST', '/api.php?action=delete&format=xml&title=' + encodeURIComponent(page) + '&token=' + encodeURIComponent(token) + '&reason=' + encodeURIComponent(reason), delc, null);

delc = {
	success: function(o) {

  • I hope that clarifies everything for you! User:Spang/Sig- 23:48, 11 Mar 2010
One question - how did you do the list of contributions for Happytimes like that? PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Friday, 06:24, Mar 12 2010 UTC
{{#dpl:modifiedby=Happytimes|offset=0}} If the list is 500 pages long, change offset to 500. And repeat. I copied and pasted it because it takes a while to load. And then formatted it a bit. User:Spang/Sig- 06:27, 12 Mar 2010
Thanks. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Friday, 06:29, Mar 12 2010 UTC
Okay - where do I find documentation on #dpl: ? PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Friday, 06:43, Mar 12 2010 UTC User:Spang/Sig- 06:44, 12 Mar 2010
Hm,m,m,m,m,m.... I'd really like to begin to learn all of this stuff, what would you recommend as a place to start? User:Happytimes/sig 21 Mar 2010 ~ 06:35 (UTC)

Some argue[edit]

The enemy.

that your QVFD script breaks when presented with a $ in the page title. So it takes two clicks to report the page on QVFD instead of one. Appalling, I'm sure you agree. User:Syndrome/sig 18:33, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

Works for me... What exactly did it do wrong? User:Spang/Sig- 21:50, 12 Mar 2010
See the enlarged screenshot. Normally when new pages are listed on recent changes, it will say "qvfd" in the column where it says "diff" for other edits. In this case, the "qvfd" link broke and the new page was listed twice on the same line. User:Syndrome/sig 00:04, March 13, 2010 (UTC)
Oh yeah. I'll look into it. User:Spang/Sig- 03:37, 13 Mar 2010
Psst... where do I find a copy of this script? PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Tuesday, 01:26, Mar 16 2010 UTC
Go to preferences, gadgets tab, check qvfd script box. Done! User:Spang/Sig- 01:34, 16 Mar 2010


I would like to find a function that returns the height and width of an image from an image file. ny ideas? PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Saturday, 07:40, Mar 13 2010 UTC

Why? User:Spang/Sig- 17:44, 13 Mar 2010

<div style="position:absolute; width:25%; height: 200px; left: 2.5%; top: 275px; overflow: hidden; background:black;"> <div style="position:absolute; left:50%; top:50%; width: 100%; height: 100%;"> <div style="position:absolute; left: half of the width of the image; top:half of the height of the image;"> [[File:random image|link=]] </div></div></div> PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Saturday, 22:51, Mar 13 2010 UTC

What in the hell is that for? And it would probably help a lot more if you would just explain what you want. Or draw it in MS Paint or something. User:Spang/Sig- 23:02, 13 Mar 2010
Oh I see, Chat roulette. That's horrifically bad html. Why wouldn't you just centre it? User:Spang/Sig- 23:24, 13 Mar 2010
More looking at centering it vertically. And the bad html is mainly as a brute force way of doing something first and then tidying it up later. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Saturday, 23:30, Mar 13 2010 UTC
Well I looked at it a little and found that a) the random image tag already lets you specify to centre the image in the middle, and keep it a specific width. And b) that barely any images are shorter than 200px anyway, so vertical centreing isn't much of a problem. If you really wanted it to be vertical centred, you should put it all in a table, and set vertical-align: middle. A table would be far better than those weird percentages in the absolute positioning, which won't work for all screen sizes as is. User:Spang/Sig- 23:52, 13 Mar 2010
I'm just playing with ideas at the moment really, and will probably dump 90% of what I've done so far. It's long and hideous, and there are better ways to do it. I am really just playing as a way of teaching myself. Thanks. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Sunday, 00:01, Mar 14 2010 UTC
Oh, but to answer your original question, no, I don't think that's possible. Although I guess you figured that part already. User:Spang/Sig- 02:17, 14 Mar 2010
I thought as much. I've thought of a few other tricks I can use, as I'd really like to be able to use percentage of width for this one. Should be able to bring the size of this down to about 10% of what it is so far. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Sunday, 02:34, Mar 14 2010 UTC
Done! Table 100% width with left side fixed width (where images are) and right side is remainder. Also using {{CGI}} for the first time, which is the answer to a question I asked relating to Game:Alone in the dark relating to having multiple pages redirect to one place - just use offset instead of different page names for them and Bob's your uncle. PuppyOnTheRadio - The Signature Collection Talk Sunday, 07:26, Mar 21 2010 UTC

Category:Video Games[edit]

Appears to not be functioning. I.e. UnNews:Dante Alighieri: "EA got it right!" isn't appearing in Category:Video games. --Mn-z


12:03, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, I just did that to test it out. I was sure it used to work at one point, but definitely doesn't now. Oh well. User:Spang/Sig- 18:29, 28 Mar 2010
Something about a bot having to do the work according to w:Template:Category redirect. PuppyOnTheRadio - The Signature Collection Talk Sunday, 21:09, Mar 28 2010 UTC
I just experimented - bad Capitalisation kills Categories, so Category:Dead rising doesn't find Category:Dead Rising - so By having Category:Video Games it Won't find Category:Video games no Matter what you do. So I'd suggest Deleting Category:Video Games, or Soft redirection with warning, Rather than redirecting. PuppyOnTheRadio - The Signature Collection Talk Sunday, 21:19, Mar 28 2010 UTC
I'd suggest deleting it once you're done experimenting with it. A soft redirect will still hide content. --Mn-z 00:13, March 29, 2010 (UTC)
I actually meant to delete it after leaving my last comment, but forgot. Whoops! User:Spang/Sig- 02:06, 29 Mar 2010

VFH template[edit]

Hi Spang, I need your help on this ! --User:William Little/sig 11:10, March 29, 2010 (UTC)

Transclusion of a forum page is a pain in the bum. I'd have to look into Spang's code to be able to replicate it if I was to do it, but I'd be doing a basic cut and paste to get it all together - Spang is still the best man for this job, but if you can be patient I can look into it for you. I've been meaning to crack open this code for a while out of curiosity anyway. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Friday, 10:08, Apr 2 2010 UTC
Great Thanks --User:William Little/sig 10:20, April 2, 2010 (UTC)
Hey, totally forgot about this, sorry. I left a reply in the forum. User:Spang/Sig- 21:28, 02 Apr 2010

I Need Some Help![edit]

How do you change the title of the article to look like a different font? I know doing this doesn't work:

{{title|<span style="font-family:Bradley Hand ITC;">A Doctor's Visit</span>}}

I tried some other variations of the above, and I even did something so n00bish I should probably be taunted for being such a fucking n00b: I copied the source code from the article, You Are Dead, and changed it a little, like this...

<div id="title-meta" style="display:none;"><span style="font-variant:small-caps;">A Doctor's Visit</span></div><div id="title-align" style="display:none;">left</div>

It still didn't work. Could you please help me? I suck at HTML. This is the article I need help on.--User:MsuCarencro/sig 02:26, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

You were almost there when you pasted the code straight onto the page, but you just needed to change font-variant to font-family. It's done now. And yeah, don't feel bad about copying stuff done on other articles, that's exactly the best way to learn. User:Spang/Sig- 02:37, 06 Apr 2010

Extract section stuff[edit]

Hi. I have a couple of ideas in mind that I need a little help with. I came across User talk:Spang/latest, which I've stolen but haven't quite worked out the workings of it yet, but I was wanting to know:

  1. Is there a way I can say "transclude the last three sections of a page"?
  2. Is there a way I can say "transclude only section x from a page"?
  3. Is there a way I can say "edit only section x from a page"?
  4. is there a way I can say "return a value that is the total number of sections on a page"?

(Assuming by section I mean from the start of a particular header to the start of the next header, wether it be level 1, 2, 3, etc.) Hope that makes sense. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Monday, 03:42, Apr 12 2010 UTC

  1. Nope.
  2. Yes, use includepage=%x to include section number x.
  3. Not specifically using DPL, but seeing as you already know the section number you want to be editing, you can just link directly to the section edit page, like . You can also just link to the section using %SECTION%.
  4. I don't think so, unless you trick it somehow. User:Spang/Sig- 23:26, 12 Apr 2010
  1. Damn
  2. Cool, that makes that particular idea a little easier
  3. I can't believe I asked that question when if I had thought for a second longer I would have known it. I got a little mussed up because I was really thinking of how to do it if I was able to do the next point. Could also use magic words as well to keep the code a little tidier really.
  4. I'll keep looking into this one. If you come across an answer then please let me know. Thanks for the help.PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Monday, 23:41, Apr 12 2010 UTC

It's uhh... been a while[edit]

It feels like too long since I've been able to say this, so... FU SPANG!!! Also, this is my first edit in... well... I have no idea how long. --User:Rwg/sig 19:56, April 14, 2010 (UTC)

Hi spang.[edit]

Hi, Spang. I'd like you to review my Tracey (Pokemon) page. 16:47, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Since I happen to be passing I can give you a quick opinion, though you can wait for the words of the mighty Spang should you wish. Your article is too short and needs more work. Specifically just saying someone is gay doesn't really cut it, it's been done thousands if not millions of times before and just feels tired. You also have a couple of other jokes but they are particularly random, and while random can be funny it doesn't work if you just make things up, try and base your jokes in fact or at least in some kind of context so that they can be understood. My advice would be read HTBFANJS and the beginner's guide then start from scratch, as it is your article is likely to end up in the ICU so take your time and rework it carefully. If you aren't sure what a completed article should look like then you should take a look at some of our featured articles. Sorry for hijacking your talk page Spang. --User:ChiefjusticeDS/sig 17:00, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

Stupid noob asking stupid question[edit]

How can I make a custom timestamp? I have User:HELPME/Timestamp, but it doesn't work. (It looks messed up, like this: User:HELPME/Timestamp) How do I need to set up my preferences and the stamp itself? I looked at the help forum for it, but it didn't help me. Also, I would ask POTR, but he already had to deal with Necropaxx asking this same question, so I figured I wouldn't bother him about the same thing twice.User:HELPME/sig2 (V2) 02:49, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

Timestamps incorporated into signatures is a pain in the butt. There are a few ways to work them, depending on what you are trying to do. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Sunday, 03:29, May 16 2010 UTC
Don't use a template. Add this to the end of whatever you have in your signature box: <small><span style="color:blue;">''{{#time: l, h:i, F d Y}} [[UTC]]''</span></small> and then only sign with 3 tildes from now on. User:Spang/Sig- 03:39, 16 May 2010
Thanks, it works now.User:HELPME/sig2 (V2) Sunday, 06:38, May 16 2010 UTC

Love you, too.[edit]

But in a totally manly way. User:Dexter111344/sig 00:06, June 3, 2010 (UTC)


[] - Can we? PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Tuesday, 13:10, Jun 15 2010 UTC

Ask someone who can do something about it? User:Spang/Sig- 20:48, 15 Jun 2010
Done - thanks. PuppyOnTheRadio sig.gif                                                  Wednesday, 03:11, Jun 16 2010 UTC