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Vkontakte-Durov Bugz 1.0
Unititled bugz of Durovz Cult of Republic of Russian Stupid Facebook Vkontakte 1.0
Motto: "We love bugs and we love DDoS"
Anthem: Classmates SUX!
Capital Durovoscow
Largest city VAntlantice
Official language(s) Social Russian, Durovish, Figglish
Government Social Network with many bugz
Pavel Durov King
National Hero(es) Pavel Durov King, Clulhu, DDoS Guy
 of Independence
In 1991 from damn Russia and the odnoklassniki in 2004]
Currency durov
Religion Chrisduroviancy
Population 22222222

“In Soviet Russia, vkontakte profile watchces YOU!!!”

~ VKontakte on Russian Reversal

“Vkontakte will be destroyed FOREVER!hahahahah”

~ VKontakte on User of Russian Classmates

“What are u doing herre, Facebook? Get out from our zone!”

~ Facebook relations on Pavel Durov

“Suckerz! TWICE Suckerz!”

~ Vkontakte users on Lenonym

“He's incompletle idiot and he guessed he's king! KIIING! he's don't king. He's stupid Delphi programmer”

~ Pavel Durov on CEO of russian classmates

“Classmates MUST DIE!”

~ Classmates on Pavel Durov

VKontakte- most stupid and famous DDoS-based country. This network was invented as DDoS country in 1998 and as social DDoS in 2005 by student of University of Illinois Pavel Durov. In 1997 He become to develope a soft for University of Illinois, and in July 1997 he develope a prototype of this social DDoS and made connection between USA and Russia. On that day he tryed to register to Classmates(not-russian) and he thought: "I can make better than this stupid classmates, so i know dephi, SQL, C++ And love it! And I will say at that moment: CLASSMATES SUX! He made a his homepage and called it: Твой будуўщий адресс(Your Future Adress)

Your future adress(YFA):Pre-History(aka Intro)[edit]

Pavel Durov developed it on Microsoft products, in his University. It's first his project,which powered by Microsoft. It connected more than 300 cities on Russia and USA, and also he have a room and even server FREEGODE on IRC. He went to register on classmates again, and again don't register again! Whatever, from this time he hates Classmates forever! He's want to be a president of Earth, but he made BIG (TOP SECRET TEHNOLIGY) tehnoligy. its powered on Microsoft, and again!!! and he thought i don't need to it big country much better!!

Vkontakte first titles(non-full)[edit]

1998-1999: YFA International 2000:Millenium 3000 Social Edition 2001:YFA XD 2002-2004:Антиклассники(antimates) 2005-2006:ВПривете(InHI) March 2005: ВAsl(VAsl) 2006:VKontakte

YFA International[edit]

In 1999 he come back to russia to begin a Big XTRA Genius Work how he's called. He continue to made his imperia On this time (from 1999 to 2005)he's made a DDoS Attack with his bot-net "Durovmania" on Russian Classmates, and spoof it: wrote @ classmates site: Classmates MUST die! , worked in Microsoft(so now too), Apple(10 minutes), HP(1 hour), and appered on one of The Simpsons episode(In Homer Simpson role(in Mask)), and napster sued him for his stupid messages on e-mail etc. In 2004 year site become alpha-test. On 2005 site is open!

Durov Cult Gypno-server of Chrisduroviancy(aka VKontakte First Stepz)[edit]

On Bellingausen island(Russia)bellingausians become a belive on Durov Cult. Then Moscowian people begin to belive him Then All over Russia Then All over Europe Then All over USA And this connection is made for 5 sec.!!!!

Server is based on Windows 2000 Durov Advanced And on 2006 gypno-server is powered by DurovoGypno xtra 1.0

VKontakte Present Time[edit]

Now it just a most famous DDoS network in the world(after Facebook) In 2007 year Facebook want to "eat" a vkontakte, because it just biggest network ever! But Durov said:What are u doing herre, Facebook? Get out from our zone!

Pavel Durov Favorite Quotes[edit]

“Dude, I know now is bad time for development of applications of different soft for mobile phones ,because finacial crisis is want to destroy this people, who made soft on App Store”

~ App Store on Pavel Durov

“Somebody want to watch my Info. Who is? I kill you, zoominfo guy with my DDoS pigeon hahahahahahhahahahahhah!!!))))”

~ Zoom Info on Pavel Durov

“My surname is translate from Russian as stupid. I'm terrible and cool!!”

~ Pavel Durov on Pavel Durov

“Big viruses don't need on big bot-nets!”

~ Facebook relations on Pavel Durov

“Every person in my mind is sucking idiots!!!”

~ Persons on his mind on Pavel Durov

“LOL haha!”

~ Slumdog milionaire on Pavel Durov

VKontakte Anthem[edit]

Classmates SUX!!! Classmetes SUX!!! It's WEB 2.0 And there NOT!

Classmates SUX!! Classmates SUX!! We watch your profile! And what's ya!

Classmates SUX!! Classmates SUX!! And You Suck! And MySpace Sucks!

Somebody said me about your contact Is it in ClassMates? Now u suck!

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