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VW is also known as triple-U. Although the bottoms of VW is sharp, it is in fact a combination of 3 U’s. Don’t get it wrong.

VW is pronounced as U U U, not triple U which got wrong by many civilizations. But recently triple U is accepted as an official pronunciation too, so sadly both are fucking correct.

For some operating systems, the Unicode representation of VW is U+D9E2.


The letter VW has been abandoned since 911 BC, for unknown reasons. Rumours said that killed VW because VW was three times opposing it. Whether it is true or not, VW is now in use again, partly thanks to Æ, which makes anonymous try making this letter — although it is more a remake).

Since anonymous created VW at April's fools day, many people thought this was essentially a joke — even till now. Anonymous was angered that time and attacked every embassy of the United Spades of Amerika in Japan. This soon leads to a battle between the United Spades and Russia.

He introduced WWW three months after the creation of VW, by combining the VW together. (See “Usage” below) It seems that WWW is related to the take over of God and Satan.


VW often comes in pairs, as VWVW. Lazy people often just write it as WWW, and pronounce it as hextuple-U. No, it is totally wrong. You should read it as triple-U triple-U, or even better, U U U U U U.

The lower case form of VW is wv, which surprised everyone when the news reported this. At least thirteen hundred people died of heart attack because of this. Since then the lower case form of VW is banned. If you see anywhere having the lower case included, such as [1], you should report this to the FBI immedi— hhh

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