Vaginal sores

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Oh, the dear mother-in-law...

A not-so-uncommon-but-also-softly-spoken-when-walking-on-eggshells synonym for mother-in-law. Vaginal sores don't qualify as a pain-in-the-ass because they're worse since the result is no sex for the male, which includes alpha males like me (see assholes).

After weeks, months, years, or even decades of a woman's intense nagging fail to hamper sexual activity, new excuses come into play, and "vaginal sores" is one that has been used for ages to successfully control men with a goal of turning them into submissive pussies (bloody feminists).

Aw fuck, you mean I have to settle for a blow job?[edit]

Oral sex is, at least, better than no sex at all, when another vagina isn't available.

Since masturbation can render a real man blinded, this form of self-gratification is absolutely out of the question for men who value their ability to see and also not grow hair on their palms. Note exceptions for people who are already blind, such as those who really can't see, don't want to ever have to shave their palms, suffer from a mental illness such as religion, or, for reasons beyond their control, only have access to ugly women without compensatory aids such as beer or paper bags.

Psychological side-effects[edit]

For real men, for whom life 24x7 is like a typical high-action porno flick, vaginal sores can be detrimental to their hardened, throbbing, dripping egos if they're not used to submitting to the will of a woman who could very well be faking it (and we all know that women can and do fake both headaches and orgasms regularly).