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Valenta Valenta Valenta Valenta!!!!!

Please note this uses railway terminology, you normals (people other than rail enthusiasts) may not be able to understand it

Valenta veg are an odd group of people who foolishly rate the Valenta engines fitted to certain British class 43 power cars.

They are usually grown men who act like little girls, screaming with delight at the sound of a valenta. They are known to be a bit of a stoat (un-attractive, or repulsive).

Some of these people are very confused little beings who claim to like all class 43's (high speed train - HST power cars), but hate the MTU engined ones. Despite their 'superior' knowledge of HST Power Cars, they seem to be unaware of the Mirrlees and Paxman VP185 re-engined versions.

Their hatred of the MTU power plant leads them to salavate at the approach of a Valenta powered HST and positively foam at the mouth when a MTU appears. This leads them to often appear completely in a state and many normals beleive they are ESN or NED. My personal favourite derogitory term is "MTUtabators" which was coined on a rail tour to Yorkshire this summer.

This is quite obviously a Valenta

There are many veg who will stand on a railway bridge and swear , shout and scream at the enemy 'The MTU'.

These people do not have any sense of anything.

Also known to film other forms of rail traction including preserved traction. Rather than book on a tour of some description or make a donation, they would rather stand on a platform end while tossing off.


They can usually be found in their usual state of being a mong. They can be found all over the Western Region of the United Kingdom, drinking their froth juice. They can also be found in the first carriage of a train with a Valenta engined train at the front, being very weird people indeed...

If you ever see one of these people, do not approach them, they may bore you to death with questions you don't know the answer to.


They also smell very nasty, like a good bath & hair wash wouldn't go amiss. Don't ask when their last visit to the hairdresser was, they probably don't even know what a hairdresser is!