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Vandalize Wikipedia Day (pronounced "Vandal-ize wi-ka-pe-de-a day") is a coordinated effort of Uncyclopedians to vandalize Wikipedia. On this day, many Wikipedians dons their sock puppets and commence vandalism on Wikipedia pages. The best vandalism is awarded the Uncyclopedian order of vandals. Commonly shortened UnVD. The hatred of Uncyclopedia begins when their wiki was annexed by the wiki monopoly Wikipedia and their leader ousted. This fire continues to burn within all Uncyclopedian’s heart until a defacement of Oscar Wilde’s page gave them excuse for vengeance and blood. A new Wikipedia vandalism day has been proposed for August 20, 2009. Everyone's encouraged to participate in making the local wikinerd's life a living hell.

Origins of Vandalize Wikipedia Day[edit]

This story makes no sense. The Vandalize Wikipedia Day begins when a Wikipedian who did not realize that he was looking at the most sacred of Uncyclopedia page, Oscar Wilde, made some edits to revert what s/he conceive as vandalism; making the Oscar Wilde page worthy of FA, by Wikipedia standards. The article even got nominated and was selected for FA until the sysop who was supposed to put it into the main page realized that it was not on Wikipedia, but instead a proper Uncyclopedia. The Uncyclopedian, at the time, busy spreading the quotes of Oscar Wilde across many pages, along with some Russian Reversals, was not aware of the changes happening on their supreme leader, Oscar Wilde's page. Until on November 29, 2005 the moderator notified prominent Uncyclopedian Zim Ulator. The friendly short letter of apology issued on the user’s talk page spread like wildfire across Uncyclopedia user talk pages. They were perceived as a civil, and thus unfunny letter, that taunts Uncyclopedians by what Uncyclopedians perceive as vandalism of their beloved Oscar Wilde page.

That night, the secret cults of Uncyclopedian leaders gather and decided upon the most hilarious counter strike on the history of the game. That is to have one of their players switch sides to the terrorist team and drop as many bombs as possible when they respawned, injuring and many be even killing many terrorist, making the counter terrorist team wins easily. When suddenly, they were alerted of the mob of Uncyclopedians demanding vengeance and blood upon Wikipedia. The secret cult of leaders brushes them aside effortlessly and posted a short post-it note on the Uncyclopedia main page that the next day was Vandalize Wikipedia Day. You suck balls. Stop being racist, you fucking bastard fag.

The Best Vandalism is the Least Vandalism[edit]

Vandalism isn't that fun anymoar...

On the first Vandalize Wikipedia day, that is, November 30, 2005. Pandemonium struck Wikipedia. Although the wikiSpy that was dispatched to Uncyclopedia to see what those nosy guys were up to returned safely, the Wikipedians did not have enough time to recruit as many defenders as offenders at Uncyclopedia.

At the end of the day, the Wikipedia vandalProof team has reverted 1,284,293 pages including all insignificant and every last one of Wikipedia’s pages. An average 42.1613 vandalism occurred on every page on Wikipedia that day. Leaving six million more pages still vandalized. The cleanup process took almost a week while Uncyclopedian are watching over their vandalism and revert. A VWD coordination team at the Uncyclopedia War Room also keeps an eye open for the best vandalism. But because many vandalism was reverted within minutes, at the beginning of the day, around 96% of vandalism performed was disqualified. Vandalism must last at least 10 minutes to count. Nearing the end of the day, that number dropped to around 13% as many Wikipedians still have life outside Wikipedia while their Uncyclopedian counter part, do not.

The final statistics show that 1,293 users were banned that day, a record banning even for Wikipedia who on the very essence allows for anyone to edit anything. This will become the lynch pin that holds Uncyclopedian defense team lead by Johnnie Cochran. The fact that many Uncyclopedians cannot fit to the glove that was found at the crime scene, sealed the not guilty verdict.

The term Best Vandalism can be deceiving, and was loosely undefined. Besides, nobody can find the Uncyclopedia book of award definitions that was lying around somewhere. And thus, the best vandalism that day was determined, according to UnVD Committee, by the longest time between vandalism to revert, and the funnility of the vandalism. That is the funniest vandalism.

The first UnVD was awarded the next day, but the recipient asks for anonymity due to the similarity of usernames among the two encyclopedias. Citing fears the wrath of WP:OFFICE. The user vandalized the Chuck Norris page on Wikipedia, making it similar looking to the one on Uncyclopedia. Nobody within the Wikipedia community cared because they hate Chuck Norris to his close association to Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedians thinks whatever happens to Chuck Norris in real life is funny and cannot care less for his page at Wikipedia. The vandalism on the Chuck Norris page was noticed by the president of Chuck Norris Alaskan Fans Club, Wilbur Norris, when he uploads a newer photo of Chuck Norris, in which he did not have a glowing red nose as depicted on the page’s vandalized picture. The picture’s history, showing someone else has uploaded a picture of Chuck Norris besides him, enraged Wilbur and he decided to investigate. He reported to every last one of Wikipedia’s project team, even the Esperanzian, who offered him a cup of coffee, which kept him up that night, high on caffeine and temper. Eventually the busy bees at vandalProof found out of the vandalism of the page, and reverted the Chuck Norris picture to the one with the red nose, and ban Wilbur for six hours. Only to realize that Wilbur has a sock puppet account that reverted the red nosed Norris into the new picture again. The sock puppet was subsequently banned from Wikipedia without further notice and the red nosed Norris picture has donned the Chuck Norris page ever since. Until it was accidentally voted for VfD and has to be recreated from scratch. Needless to say, it was the longest and funniest of all vandalism that day.

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