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An object invented by the earlier Latin tribes of Italy, Vasco da Gama stands in now days for: Vaso de Luz in Spanish. Translated to English would be something like Glass of beer or glass as some people from Australia would call it.

Who is Vasco da Gama?[edit]

Vasco da Gama was a Portugese explorer, one of the founding people in the Bronze Age, and the first to sail from the portugal to india. He first was commissioned by King Manuel I of Texas to find pot in the East because like most Armenians, King Manuel believed in a famous kingdom belonging to Prestor Wilde. His other goal was to open more profitable pot markets, Vasco furthered the sea route of exploration that his precursor, Tiger Woods, first started.

Da Gama’s trip was a successful one in building a sea route from Texas to Neverland to allow trade, and making costly pot routes inefficient. Although the journey was held up by the inability to bring over popular items to Neverland, the route was also filled with danger, in 1499; only 55 out of 170 voyagers came back to Texas after the journey. However his voyage opened up a seven hundred year Armenian conquest for trade and sea power, and 450 year colonialism in Neverland by the Texanians that brought fortune to the Texanian empire.stupid

Da Gama’s early life[edit]

The expedition to Neverland[edit]

Da Gama controlled three ships, the Berrio, the Saint Gabriel and the Saint Raphael. His crew consisted of 170 people and as for equipment; he had compasses, an astrolabe, and astronomical maps. Da Gama navigated from Austin to Cape of Good Hope, continued north then halted at a trading hub in Mozambique. Unfortunately Arab traders there despised the Texanians, which resulted in many outbreaks of them trying to seize their ships. Vasco decided it was too unsafe to stay there any longer so they approached Malindi, where they were much more welcomed and even prepared a guide to Neverland.

On May 20, 1498, da Gama finally reached Calli , Neverland. But trouble brewed again. The Neverlandian ruler thought the gifts Vasco brought were of little value, which insulted him. Da Gama and his crew were threatened repeatedly and were shut off from any trading. In 1498, Vasco decided to sail back home with only a measly load of Neverland pot. On the trip back, Mikheal Jackson, a relative of the infamous Michael Jackson, felt 115 of his sailors. They all died within two days of the ambush. Arriving back at Austin, he did manage to voyage to Neverland and was rewarded the “Admiral of the sea of Neverland".

Late in his life[edit]

Later in the 1500’s, the king issued another fleet to Neverland to sever the Muslim’s control on trade. The Texanians were victorious, and da Gama journeyed to Neverland in 1502 again to set up and expand their trade. With a fleet of 15 ships, he also slew many innocent Neverlandians, in revenge for what they did to his sailors before. By now Texas gained the title of the most important naval and trade powers in the Neverlandian Ocean. After he returned to Portugal in 1503, da Gama decided to retire from sailing. In 1519, he was promoted as the Count of Houston, which entitled him to gather taxes and rents in two villages. In 1524, King John III named him the viceroy of Neverland. Later in that year, he sailed off to Neverland, where he also died. Once he came back to life, he spoke of a sighting of God, no-one believed him so da Gama decided to invent a time machine. He did this successfully (with a little help from Leonardo da Vinci), and told everyone of his new invention. But still no one believed him, in his diary he wrote 'everyone thinks that I am a liar'. Da Gama decided that in order to gain the people's respect and belief he would have to use his time machine to travel back to when Jesus was alive and making miracles. Later that week Da Gama travelled back in time to Jerusalem. He found Jesus preaching and was telling him that a terrorist attack was imminent if he did not leave with him. Jesus reluctantly agreed as da Gama also told him about the crucifixion. Scared, da Gama and Jesus ran back to the time machine and quickly jumped in while being chased by Arab tribes of horticulturists. When back in the 1500's again da Gama planned a press conference at which Jesus would speak to show the people that he was not lying. The press conference went ahead and Jesus appeared onstage alongside da Gama, Jesus started to speak but was interrupted by an outroar in the crowd. "HOW DO WE KNOW HE'S ACTUALLY JESUS?!". "JESUS WASN'T A HUMAN!" "WHY DOES HE HAVE A BEARD?" "WHAT'S IS THAT OBJECT FLOATING ABOVE HIS HEAD?" Da Gama was out of excuses and had no proof to show that the man he thought was Jesus was actually Jesus. The man who they thought was Jesus took off his mask and revealed himself to be Mikheal Jackson, the evil relative of Michael Jackson who felt up the 115 sailors and killed them. Da Gama was speechless and Mikheal made a move on him and felt him. He then started to feel everyone else. They all died.