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“VCU is a good place to get a choked fucked. ”

~ Ocsar Wilde on VCU
VCU (sp?)
Motto Don't knock getting chokefucked until you've tried it
Established 1838
School type College
Head Eugene "Trani Train" Trani
Location Richmond, Virginia, South
Campus Covered with Hobos
Endowment $Texas
Faculty 16,696 (seriously more than anyone else in Richmond)
Mascot A Ram that looks like a Vagina

VCU is the name for Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Its orginal name was Villian Criminal University but changed its name to get state funding. The Fascist Wikistapo pronounces VCU phonetically (Vee-See-You!) as in vee see you!


The location of VCU is a secert reveiled to those only with a heart of malice. It has been confirmed to be located in the peaceful city of Richmond somewhere in the dirty ol' South. Although after the civil war the college's offical location has been up to controversy . Many historians believe it died with Stone Wall Jackson

Sports Teams[edit]

It goes without that VCU's football team is undefeated. That is due in large part that Doctor Doom created cybernectic robots to play for the school. Other sports teams have lost. In 2003, robot clone Lebron James lost his eligibility when he received two free jerseys despite the fact that he was programed not to wear jerseys. Samurai Jack played in the Final Four against VCU and resulted in many widowed robots because Samurai Jack pwns on all robots.

Funding Controversy[edit]

It was discovered that VCU only allows super villians. That wasn't cool. The Virginias was like that's not cool dude.

Taylor Behl[edit]

In the middle of the fourth Iraq War, the media had Missing White Girl Syndrome and the media had it bad. The media decided that Taylor Behl would be the best choice from the millions of missing girls because her skin tone was the most white and did not have sex with 3 guys from Rubia. It was latered discovered that she had been choke fucked by the Organ Hillbilly.

VCU police[edit]

In the early 60's VCU held a secret meeting by a cabinet of members now forgotten. These members decided on two things.

1. VCU Students need more bruises

2. the tight shorts ratio in Richmond is dwingling

Because of these two observations The VCU campus Police was created. These mobilized bicycle Cops roam the streets like Toe cutter's gang arresting the homeless and drunk. Their Power is finite however due to the small territory they have control (only a 9 blocks). If these Cops were to leave their area of influence they would turn to stone.

Famous Students[edit]

Doctor Doom
Lex Luthor
Christopher LLoyd
Dr Strangelove
Dr Evil
The Brain
Pinky (Dropped out after he found out there was no cheese)
Mojo Jojo
Taylor Behl