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Because of their incurable biases, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will probably never have an article about Vectorialmatricalynwutronicprotonicelectrifyingphotosyntheticcellulose. We are sorry they insist on being this lame.

The Vectorialmatricalyneutronicprotinicelectrifyingphotosyntheticcellulose is a specific photosynthesizing cellulose that consists of vectormatricalneutrons and proton electricity, to put it simply.

To put it in a different manner the cellulose is existant in a specific breed of bolometerplant found only when a constellation conjunction occurs. When this plant is eaten by a herbivore it has been verified to fragment the animals intestines and replacing them with photosynthetic tissue which when feed liquid will expand it's volume ten thousand fold, this will usually result in the animals implosion, however if the animal in question survives it is likely that it will mutate into a gigantic form of the vectorialmatricalyneutronicprotonicelectrifyingphotosyntheticcellulose, to cause massive destruction where-ever it may be, however this is just speculations it is more likely that the results will be slightly less catastrophic and the universe will just collapse and fall into a Space-time continuum but that is only IF the herbivore in question manages to locate the specific bolometerplant containing the vectorialmatricalyneutronicprotonicelectrifyingphotosyntheticcellulose and the chances of that happening are approximately 1000000000029870234778999234885999238 to 5. It is a common theory that when the sun dies out that the earth will start floating aimlessly through space and might one day end up in the circumstances mentioned above and a moose will find and eat the vectorialmatricalyneutronicprotonicelectrifyingphotosyntheticcellulose containing plant and eat it and mutate and then it will rampage the earth eating every single walnut and the humankind will face a walnut starvation, suffer famine and go extinct and put an end to all run-on sentences.