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Velvet Jones is a fine man
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Let me tell ya’ll a little ‘bout Mr Jones. See.. Velvet Jones is a fine man. He’s a fine fine man. He’s mighty fine. He’s so fine, he can almost not be define’d by the word fine. An’ he’s a black man. He’s so black, like the dead o’ night. Man that man is black. He’s a fine black man. A mighty fine black man. So black and fine and mighty. An’ he’s a strong man. Like Hercules or someone else that is really strong and mighty. And black. And fine. A mighty fine, strong man. That’s also black. A fine strong black man.

And, y’see that’s Velvet Jones.

An Introduction To Velvet[edit]

Now, Velvet has done sooo much for his c’munity, bein’ such a fine strong black man, that people would say to him “Velvet.. you so strong and fine – I wanna be like you. Black and mighty and strong.” So, Velvet has e’stalished the Velvet Jones academy. Where weaker individuals … like you… can learn to be fine and black and mighty.

Now, firs’ thing y’all need to know is that you are NOT Velvet Jones. You will prob’ly never be anything like the mighty man that Velvet is. Man, you’ll prob’ly never even be a smear on the windshield of Velvet’s fine automobile compared to him. But, you can be less weak and unfine.


Picture of a severed hand of a past Grand Master. Picture courtesy of the Velvet Museum of Interesting Shit

Bitches need to be kept in line. Otherwise, them bitches … they think they’s on a level wid’ y’all. Man, those bitches can be stupid. So.. you need to start firm. Now, Velvet is known the world over for the masterful use of his mighty hand. Man.. what a hand that is. It is such a fine, strong hand. It is black and mighty – like a mighty black weapon. And… man, if you see that hand bein’ raised. You better cower, bitch. Coz that hand can strike you down. But The Hand is only used as a last resort. No need for that unless you get a really stupid bitch to deal with.

It is better to use a familiar threat to them stupid bitches.

For you more weak people, the bat can be a healthy extension to your arm, much like the mighty hand of Velvet is to his already strong, black arm. But remember – you should only use it as a last resort – A battered bitch don’t bring home much dollar, or as Velvet himself says:

Cquote1.png Bruised bitches bring back bogus bounties. Cquote2.png

The Velvet Academy[edit]

For the necess’ry training in use of threatening behaviour, Velvet has kindly set up the “Bitches In Line” training academy for folk unskilled in this particular line.

Fully trained and proficient teachers are at the ready to receive you for training – equipment is provided.

After a few weeks of intensive training, even a skinny runt like you can have them bitches on their knees.

Some weaker individuals often ask Velvet "Can it be that even a pussy such as me can regain my self respect and honour? I am such a pathetic specimen of human existence compared to you. How can you possibly help me?"

But Velvet, being such a kindly man, as well as being mighty and strong and fine, will always tell you: "Get yo' shit together boy." Which is really good advice.

The Hand[edit]

Unfortunately, sometimes it is actually necessary to use The Hand. Often the best technique is the Backhand Crack. This can be most effective, especially when there are several whining bitches cramping your space, a backhander to just one of the bitches close to you can have the whole group cowering in rightful submission. Again, don’t expect to have anywhere near the effect that Velvet has, but with several months of training, you could find yourself back in control again.

We, here at the Velvet Jones Academy hope y’all have learned a little something from this introduction to the mighty man. May it bring you years of trouble free pimping.