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Not to be confused with Dolly Dagger or Goldmember, Velvet Revolver is the most successful solo artist to masquerade as an entire band, narrowly beating Marilyn Manson by a .349485% vote margin in the 1945 "Veteran Korean Hamsters of German descent against identity fraud" poll.

Velvet Revolver is the result of a freak accident when un-popular culture icon 'Axl Rose' (or the Windows recycle bin for those unfamiliar with the term) decided that the skills he brought to the desktop were far beyond those of an illusion and thus threw a Dos based hissy fit causing / and (various other members of the illustrious Gaelic Nudist Ramblers eating society nicknamed 'Guns N Roses') to walk out on him. Axl flew into such a rage his recycle bin turned upside down, and was thus named Buckethead.

Velvet Revolver's first album, (The only one that more than two people listened to), is called Contraband, but in Europe it was called Probotectorband due to censorship. Another album was released in Summer 2007. As of five minutes ago, that album has sold 1.5 copies.

It has been debated against the idea that Velvet Revolver is not in fact a solo artist but a band comprised of other used up has-beens, but no-one has yet come up with a convincing logical theory disproving how fundamental Slash is to the popularity of his one man band.

Adam Ant: Spends his cash on looking flash and grabbing Slash's attention

Slash has always been a huge fan of Adam Ant, he owns all of his records and has even made a living shrine to Adam Ant in his snakepit. The name "Velvet Revolver" was chosen after Slash heard that this was indeed Adam's pet name for his penis. As an extra result, all of Velvet Revolvers lyrics are related to this object, e.g (Adams) Head-Space, Slither, Suck me free, Do it for the kids.

Velvet Revolver officially reached the '10 official fans' spot 30 seconds ago. During his short career, Velvet Revolver has also had his fair share of stalkers, namely a Lady Izzy Stradlin, who claims she was left out of the Guns N Roses reunion. 'Izzy' (short for Izzhe Male Or Female or Izzhe In GnR or out, depending on whether you read her birth tablets in Hebrew or Latin) also auditioned for Velvet Revolver, but got left out of the line up on the basis that really only one member was needed.