Vermicious knids

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A young Vermicious Knid(not to be mistaken with a kitten) on the run from those pestering Grue's.
A young Vermicious knid, sniping a Grue
A herd of adult Vermicious knids.

Vermicious knids, or to their the Grue's as Vermids or just Knids, are a species of shape-shifting kitten, creature potato monsters, who have a tendancy for terrorism and eating at bed and breakfasts, but not at the same time. Their terrorist acts can be seen in the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Vermicious Knids invaded the Space Hotel USA... I mean honestly, who the fuck does that?? You dont see Goerge W. Bush going to war w/ the Vermicious Knids now do you.

Vermicious Knids won the war of 2357 A.C. against the Grue's. This defeat scarred the Grues drasticly and caused them to take up shelter in dark places. The Vermicious Knids are also responsible for the Darfur Conflict.


Young Vermicious Knids look like kittens, this is why they are chased by grues and often killed. Although they may seem harmless they could just as easily blow off your head with their sniper rifle skills. (NOT TRUE)

Prey and Diet[edit]

Althought the adult Knid looks very simalar to a giant potato and eat grues for brunch at thier favorite bed and breakfast joints. Vermicious Knids also enjoy feasting upon Oompa-Loompas in thier free time. This is the reason the pedifile Willy Winka took them to his magical chocolate factory.