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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for C-3PO?
BREAKING NEWS!!!! As of April 7th, 2009, gay marriage has become legal in Vermont! We're gay as ever now! (and whoever wrote that sucks at life.)
People come to Vermont to view the foliage of the native trees, including the Ski Plant.
You may be looking for New Hampshire and not even know it!

“They're the scariest in the world man, keep them away from me! AHHHHHH! DON'T LET THEM TOUCH YOU! THEY HAVE ACID IN THEIR SKIN!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Vermont Hippies

“They make maple syrup and call themselves American? GO BACK TO CANADIA!”

~ Most Americans on Vermont

Vermont is a small island located in the New England area of the United States. It covers an area of 1867 square miles, mainly consisting of dense hardwood forests, open farmland, and hippies. It is home to over three towns, eight people, and several million cows. The name Vermont is derived from the Nordic 'Ver', meaning Very, and 'Monte', meaning 'Communistic'. The second whitest state in the U.S., after Maine.


Vermont was discovered in 1856 by the French-Canadian explorer Marquis de Sade. Seeking refuge from his native Canadia, the explorer christened the area the Republic of Vermont. However, lacking anything but trees, Marquis de Sade soon left Vermont and traveled north to play hockey for the Canadiens.

While christened in 1856, the Republic of Vermont lay unsettled for the next 90 years, until the invention of the hippy commune. Vermont (the French word for vermin) was officially founded in 1969 by Ben and Jerry of gourmet ice cream fame, as they brought the first hippy commune to the land. They settled into the fertile land near Lake Champlain, and called the first commune Dorset. Today Dorset is a fortified hippy conclave, which can be smelt for miles in all directions.

While initially thought to be part of the US, it now appears that Vermont is actually a suburb of la belle province, constructed solely for use as a ski resort. Unfortunately, the insurgence of ski resorts has brought the developers into conflict with the native hippies. More than one ski resort has had to be moved upwind of a native hippy commune, at great expense.

The capital of Vermont was recently moved from the city of West Haven to Montréal, as the exchange rate was better. Also, Montréal has better strip-clubs. And hockey. You like hockey, eh? I like hockey. And Poutine. Yep. Poutine. And hockey.

The only reason Marquis de Sade didn't go to New Hampshire was because of Vermonts large sums of Maple Syrup and New Hampshires upside down ways confused and scared him.

On June 16th, 2007 Vermont declared its independence from the United States. Nobody noticed.

Because Vermont is the whitest state in the nation and isn't blessed with "diversity" like most of the rest of the country, there are very few racists there. Evidently not having actual experience with "diversity" has made Vermonters a very enlightened people. Vermonters spend long hours writing letters to the editor demanding more public housing in Los Angeles, Detroit and Washington DC.


This was worth all the $120 the tourist paid for it!

The official currency of Vermont is the tourist dollar. The official currency is used only by outsiders, for the natives use the traditional bartering system. Consisting of cheese, local-grown organic produce, maple syrup, and Ben and Jerry's Ice cream, the native bartering system is flexible and sensible. Vermonters trade between their communes on a regular basis, and enjoy the luxury of nearly free goods.

Outsiders are not so lucky. The primary source of income for most Vermonters is ripping off outsiders. For the privilege of rolling down a steep hill during the chill of winter, Vermonters charge non-Vermonters around $80 tourist dollars a day. This causes no end of stifled laughter among Vermonters, for they can walk down said hills during the nicer parts of the year, FOR FREE!

There is much tension between the outsiders and natives with outsiders often being referred to unkindly as "flatlanders" or the more popular term of "asshole". Flatlander assholes are easily identifiable from the native mountain folk in several ways including lacking common sense, possessing a general assholish attitude, and driving their vehicles around like a retard. Money is also regularly expelled from their flat asses and bowels in vast quantities which can make quite a mess to pick up.


As Vermonters' entire income stems from tourist dollars, a great deal of attention is paid to the trade value of Vermont goods.

These trade values are fairly standard across Vermont:

Vermont Product Tourist Dollars
one tablespoon of maple syrup six
one small container of Ice Cream eighteen
one day freezing on a mountain thirty to eighty*
one day looking at dying trees fifty to seventy
one day on polluted and overcrowded lake ten to twenty
six hours stuck somewhere because you drive like an idiot priceless
  • It's noteworthy that if you plan upon spending a day on a freezing mountain whilst wearing skis, the price in Tourist Dollars will rise exponentially. Most tourists bypass this hefty price and simply saw off their left arm.


As Vermont is a hippy commune, there is no official government. A Council of Stoners sets generic guidelines for Tourist Dollar Values, and works with Montréal to develop ski areas. This is difficult for non-Vermonters to understand, and as such, they often mistakenly think that Vermont needs a government. Ignorant to the local customs, a large number of non-Vermonters have created a "State Government" irredisregardless of the fact that Vermont is not a state, and they are not Vermonters. Due to this misunderstanding, only non-Vermonters can be seen obeying "State Laws".

It was declared independent from the US in 2012 or something and after a long war that destroyed everything exept for Vermont it was a free country, with lots of communists, anarchists and other freaks of nature.


Just like driving through Indiana or Connecticut, but with mountains, snow, and pine trees.

The official language of Vermont is Canadian. Easily distinguished by the repeated use of "eh?" and "yep", Canadian has supplemented the original Vermontish spoken by the settlers of the island. The secondary language of Vermont is Stoner. This is characterized by oft-repeated phrases such as "Who, man" or "Yeah dude" and "I need some more ice cream".

Burlington, The city that is near Vermont.[edit]

Many of the residents of this city claim they are actually a part of Vermont, but they are mistaken, because Vermont has no cities. It is obvious that Burlington is not in Vermont, because there are real estate developments, cars, paved roads, buildings made of glass and steel, and an abundance of ex-New Yorkers. There is also a REAL airport- with terminals and planes and everything! These things are simply not found in Vermont.

A statical map of Vermont.

Brattleboro, the town of hippies[edit]

If you go to this town, you will be lucky to get out of there without getting a contact high. Hell, you're lucky to pass within the next 200 miles without waking up without any clothes in the cockpit of a 747. There is such a high density of hippies there , that a movie about Woodstock was casted in Brattleboro. Claims To Fame: Two "Cornfields" behind rehab center/asylum found to contain pot. (Never saw that coming!) Tropical Storm Irene Nudists, fat people, hippies, Canadians and the like all living in a parking lot that has: Drug dealers 24/7 2 Head shops and many convience stores/pharmacies. A ski jump. (Once again, in a cornfield)

Pripyat/Vernon, the town that will irradite everyone within a 100 mile radius.[edit]

Claims to fame: An aging nuclear powerplant Stoned reactor operators. No really! Powerplant guards shooting themselves in the foot at the rifle range. A leaking reactor! Radioactive fish! An elementary school 200 feet away from the actual reactor! Train accidents!


One of the most sacred areas in the entire world, Vermont is home to the Great Manure Mines. A natural phenomenon, raw cow manure slowly sinks into the ground and into underground caves where it drips down and hardens. The Vermont Dwarves come to the Great Manure Mines once every Fall to stock up on manure for the winter. Also, the greatest fair known in the lower milky way galaxy as well as half a square mile of Rutland, Vermont, exists during the month of February. As is known around the world, Rutland is a center of high culture and wealthy pursuits. Rutland has a vibrant drug trade, and is popular among citizens of Canada, for a connection to the "bounty" coming north from Mexico and Alabama. Anyway, the Rutland fair contains the largest freak show on earth, essentially consisting of 57.89% of its patrons. One can observe the consumption of fried dough by vertically challenged obese humans with thyroid problems as well as the various carnival ride accidents caused by carnies who are really communists and saboteur specialist aliens, out to rid the earth of the best and brightest of the next generation who appear by the twos and threes (at most) at the Rutland fair. One can also commune with farm animals and hippies, the latter covered in their own excrement.

Probably the best thing to do in Vermont is go to New Hampshire.

Famous Vermonters[edit]

The Green Mountian Boys were most notably the first gay rights protest group ever. A statue of their leader Ethan Allen has been erected in every town in Vermont, and many furniture businesses, such as Ethan Allen Hardwood, and real-estate agencies have been named after him.

Robert Frost was the leader of the communist revolution in Vermont. Through his boring poetry he incited many people to truly govern themselves. People often bring offerings of alcohol in pagan worship gatherings in his home.

Calvin Coolidge become the first gay president of the United States, he was inaugurated on January 34, 1945 after killing Hilter with his bare, gay, hands. After a difficult divorce from Oscar Wilde he made gay marriages illegal out of anger. Gay Marriages have now finally become Civil Unions after 10 years. He is also famous for appearing on the bottle of the well known male enhancement drink Moxie.

The legendary Fat Man, of YouTube fame, resides in Rutland, Vermont. His McGut, moodswings, and penchant for drinking gravy bring a truly Rutlandized aspect to the formerly lackluster website. His only local opponent, the Transforming Mullet Man, is typically helpless against the sheer force of the McGut.

Nia, a Killer Sheep, started the Killer Sheep Civil Rights Movement in Bethel, Vermont when she ate off the arms of a local history teacher in what is now called "The History Teacher's Last Hurrah"

Transforming Mullet Man is an infamous conceptual laser massacre instigator. One day, he went to the beach at Killington Mountain, got pissed off, then transformed. How he did this, no one knows, but some survivors mention him performing a "Robot-like dance while making *PEW PEW PEW* sound effects with his mouth." As soon as his transformation was complete, he laid waste the entire beach via his fingertip-mounted lasers. Everyone there survived without wounds, although he assures us that he killed them all. Me and my buddy see him at the mall a lot. He's pretty chill.

Canada Man, the national superhero of Canada, likened to Captain America. Created by the Canadian Military in an attempt to make a single soldier, his powers are Maple Syrup, politeness, and hockey.