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A Russian regal term meaning "Consumer of Produce", the word "Victor" has been secretly taken by many famous individuals throughout human history such as Battle-Pope Palpatine Victor the II (famed for slaying the dragons of Ireland and bringing succor to the hungry servants of the Witch King Teri Schiavo) and Tony Danza. Perhaps most famous of those that have taken the name Victor is the recently-crowned King of South Africa, who wears a necklace of red pearls and hails from the southeastern portion of Mars.

Recently the name Victor has also resurfaced as an insult for any sort of individual who steals pants from a human or demi-human victim, specifically Robert Redford.

The Dictator Victor of South Africa[edit]

In the year of 1372, the dark side of Mars shuddered with the force of a thousand atomic bombs, and in a flash of brilliant light the man the unfortunate peasantry of South Africa would soon call "Peo Pe" was birthed from the womb of Vin Diesel himself. Many have tried to paint the scene but their heads exploded from the awesomeness of it. Victor quickly rose to power on his home planet through the use of the dark magic of Statistics, but his rule was quickly revoked when it was discovered that he had been using steroids throughout his career with the New York Mets. Undaunted, the young prince quickly fled his crimson planet for the warm climate of Florida, where he ran for mayor of Miami but won the role of President of the United States due to inaccuracies with the region's voting processes. Here too the 12 year old Victor was cast out of office due to scandal, this time after he had embezzled millions of dollars raised for his vicious pogrom of the Emo people. Poor, pantsless, and depressed, Victor turned to the last place he knew where he could raise an army and purchase an All-American Grand Slam for only $4.99: South Africa.

Victor's coup was swift and painful, accomplished mainly through rushing with tech 3 zerglings and a lot of potatoes. Close analysis of the potatoes revealed that their were many penile sized holes in them. After defeating the incumbent leadership by spawning a score of overlords, Victor quickly enslaved the country's populace and forced them to create pirate CDs of the American band "The Killers", with the lyrics of the song "Mr. Brightside" rewritten over in his own personal language: Victonian.

Samples are as follows: Jealousy...something or something another......rabble rabble islam

Victor continues to rule South Africa to this day unchallenged, and was recently awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering that the term "Bohr Model" sounded a lot like the word "Boner".

Victor likes to cuddle. Both men and women are welcome. Victor is VERY Sexy!! Kiss a Victor today!