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The actual color of violet differs from season to season depending on how well the violets grow at the ICCR gardens (Centre Internationale de RĂªves en Couleurs) in Darfur. Varing between purplely-blue to darkish-pink colors but historically has even been a slight orange  ###  or silvery-gray  ###  due to abnormal conditions at the research centre.

Are not Violets blue?[edit]

The old adage of "Roses are red, violets are blue" is purely fictional and does not form the basis of colour naming. Not once in the history of Violet has she ever been blue (although she does swear sometimes) and current predictions are that she will never be blue in colour.

Violet, therefore, is absolutely not to be confused with Smurfette - who is blue and very, very huffable.

Shrinking Violet[edit]

The misconception that Violet is blue may have originated because Violet, by nature, is a rather shy lass and few ever see much of her. As such, no one was completely sure what Shrinking Violet would look like if she were to stop playing the wallflower and come out into the sunshine to show her true colours.

Violet: The pseudo colour/person thing[edit]

Violet was the lovechild of red and some other color. it was married by Richard Simmons to Burger King III in the year 2800 A.C. Known for its vibrant color and ability to associate anything with homosexuality, the color violet was banned by much adorned fascist George W. Bush from the United States of America. The Gay Fuel corporation took a great fall from this, as Violet is their official spokesperson.


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