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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Vormedal.

Vormedal is a small village occupied by moles and weird people. The village leader is Manish Sharma and his gang the ham riders. The ham riders are dressed in black leather and they are not dangerous, unless you loose your soap in the village showers. The religious leader of the town is Petter Strømme and his Strømme Organization. The village is very poor and the only attraction is the World Wide Fag Museum which is located in the centre of the village. One should also pay attention to the fact that this is an industrial area, and that some of Vormedal's population has been affected by this. In fact, the poisonous gasses makes Vormedal look a bit like Tsjernobyl. A great example of this is Idar Olav. These fumes can also be the reason why the number of fags and other sexula abnormalities are so much higher here than in the rest of the district.

Trivia: The N.A.S.A Spray was invented in Vormedal. King Anders the fifth actually has no royal horse, but a moped.

So if you want to visit the town watch out for fags and moles!!!


In 1825 the 13th Legion of Vormedal conquered Kolnes, Spanne and Røyksund in the battle between the fags and kings. In 1890 a project started, filtering the total awsome people from the rest. Only 1 of 50 was permitted to stay in the perfect city Vormedal. Also the gold items randomly placed in Vormedal was sold to make the island called Karmøy. The normal unawsome people moved over to that island. As the first world war raged on in europe, the 13th legion was sent to aid. Never to return, due to outdated armor and weapons ( Horses and swords was a bad idea ). After that Vormedal keept a low profile, but still there are pure evil forces dwelling in the mountains.


Vormedal is located somewhere in europe, search google.com for more exact locations.


Kingdom: The ruler ( king) of vormedal is Anders, he is a guuuuuud ruler and is loved by all the moles and knights, the fags hate him! and he hates the fags back. joakim is the king great Joker, spesialyties magic, kicking fags ass and raising moles.

Known people:

  • Anders the great 5th king. (crownless)
  • Joakim the joker, and the famous mole raiser.
  • Jan Ove the Automobile constructor of the extreme.
  • Erlend the local Casino owner. (The drunken one).
  • Bill Gates the nerd ( that cant do anything right( Unless it involves computers) ).
  • Petter the Mole
  • Jan Andre aka Jani, (was banned from Vormedal due to extreme high intelligence) the primitive villagers saw this man as an potensial threat against their simple and worthless life. He is now a great leader, taking up the inheritance after his grandfather Josef from Soviet.